How a devoted owner welcomed a dying dog and filled his last months with love

A photographer who took in a dying rescue dog and filled her last days with “food and fuss” said she would “do it again tomorrow” despite the sadness of losing her pet.

Rowan Williams, 39, adopted Tulla, a Doberman, after deciding she had “more love to give”, TeamDogs Reports.

“I already have a rescue dog called George and last summer I decided to get a second one,” she said.

“I voluntarily opted for an end-of-life dog because I know how difficult it is for rescue centers to place older dogs in homes.”

Rowan, who is single and lives in Sheffield, found Tulla through the Dobermann Rescue UK and Europe rescue center in Stoke On Trent.

Rowan Williams and Tulla

Tulla suffered from wobbler syndrome – cervical spondylomyopathy – which is a compression of the spinal cord that would eventually lead to paralysis.

Rowan says her family feared she couldn’t handle their loss, but she was determined.

After joining Rowan and Rottweiler Mastiff after bumping into George, Rowan says that Tulla, who she said was around nine, grew stronger and really flourished – so much so that Rowan’s neighbors commented on her ” shine “.

And Rowan, who owns Pooch and Pineapple Dog Photography, made sure to fill her final months with rewarding and rewarding activities like visiting farms, beaches, going to the pub … and being a bridesmaid.

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Rowan says: “I was a wedding photographer and two of my clients insisted that I take George and Tulla to their wedding in a Cotswold vineyard.

“Tulla wore a floral collar so she looked very chic and George wore a bow tie.

“Tulla was also a fan of the pub.

“She lived for the food and the fuss and her favorite thing was a line of people where she went and got people to get them fussed for her.”

In February of this year, Tula was diagnosed with lymphoma and given her diagnosis of wobblers, Rowan chose to keep her comfortable with pain relief. She died in Rowan’s arms after being petted and said how much she was loved.

Rowan says, “Losing Tulla was like something was taken away.

“I was naive I think not realizing how I would feel, but if I had to do it all again tomorrow, I would.”

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