History of Akshit photography where passion turned into profession

The story of Akshit Garg is a good illustration of the idea that passion has become a profession. Akshit, the best wedding photographer in Indore, has had an eye for capturing moments since he was 13 years old. All it took was a trip with his parents to fascinating places in India where he took beautiful landscapes and observed nature at its best with Sony HX100V.

* As soon as his parents recognized his skills and talent for photography, they gave Akshit a brand new Nikon D40 and he never looked back.

After honing his photography skills with baby cameraman Mr. Hemshankar Pathak, Akshit entered the professional world early on at the age of 15. From taking portraits for family and friends to photography of architecture, products, nature and so on, Akshit managed to add two solo exhibitions to his name in his hometown by the time he turned 19. . Some of the major highlights that helped Akshit’s career grow even more.

For these exhibitions, Akshit made a road trip to the land of high passes, that is to say to Ladakh. The trip lasted 21 days during which the photographer took various photos and videos of landscapes, high mountains, etc. Among these, a time-lapse video became the talk of the town and was featured in a major local newspaper.

Akshit has added another feather to his cap by working with the MP Police for a social cause during lockdown. Akshit has teamed up with Indore Police for digital patrols using surveillance drones to check for any illegal activity in the city.

Additionally, Akshit enrolled for a degree in photography and also did exhibition and experience work in visual arts. Over the past few years, Akshit has successfully worked on various projects including product photography, architectural photography, and aerial photography, and has also supervised.

In 2018, Akshit landed a unique opportunity to shoot the Sangeet ceremony of Isha Ambani, daughter of Nita and Mukesh Ambani. Yes, you heard right!

Let’s listen to the young talent himself, Akshit, who believes in the 3Ps, i.e. Patience, Perseverance and Perception. He shares, “In all these years, I’ve never even taken a weekend off. I walk around with my camera wishing that not even a single beautiful moment goes by that I don’t capture it. , whether in nature or when someone smiles sweetly, the kind of smile that makes others happy. More than that, it’s about capturing the beauty of the moment in front of me. Beauty is where you have tend to seek it out and almost everything, even an inanimate object, has its own story to tell”.

With an ideology to give a new perspective to things, whenever he holds the camera, Akshit founded his company named ‘Keywits Creative Technologies’ where he provides his clients with all services like SEO, SMM, graphic design , design and animation, etc. under a roof.

No matter what people may have talked about, it is Akshit’s hard work and constant mindset that he is successfully running his own business and aiming to make it India’s leading brand soon.

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