Here’s How This Los Angeles Couple Paid Just $500 For Their Wedding, Including A $47 Dress

Love is one of the few things money can’t buy. Despite this, many people spend tens of thousands of dollars to celebrate their love on their wedding day. But a Los Angeles couple decided to buck that trend and throw a wedding for just $500! The ceremony included a reception, a $47 dress from Shein and a $100 suit, staying true to their love and their wallets.

Kiara and Joel Brokenbrough, the couple, told KABC-TV they were able to cut costs by holding the ceremony on the side of a scenic freeway on the outskirts of Los Angeles. By inviting less than 40 friends and relatives, the couple avoided paying a permit and only had to provide the chairs and the wedding arch for the beautiful ceremony.

But the low cost didn’t mean they had to do away with classic wedding traditions – loved ones made sure to bring a cake and flowers for the couple to enjoy. They even had a crowded reception afterwards. According to an interview with Fox 11, the reception, held at Misty’s Lounge in the Inland Empire, was free as the couple showed up at the club without a reservation and asked friends and family to buy his own food and drink.

The Brokenbroughs have also been candid with their guests about the plan. “People paid to fly here, came to the wedding, they knew if they wanted food and drink they were available to buy. They came and I didn’t hear anyone complaining,” Kiara Brokenbrough told the news channel.

But in fact, they had no intention of adhering to a super strict low budget, they just wanted to focus on what really matters: their love for each other.

“You have a marriage, with witnesses there to testify to you, swearing to your spouse, swearing to God that you are going to stay together for life. And then you celebrate with food, drink and dancing. And that’s exactly what we did,” Kiara Brokenbrough told Good Morning America.

Since receiving media attention, the couple have become an inspiration to other couples looking to cut the costs of their wedding, with their videos on YouTube and Instagram receiving tens of thousands of views worldwide. course of the last days. The Brokenbroughs show that true love is priceless and that couples can still express their love for each other in style in times of runaway inflation.

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