Hard locking from Thursday: everything you need to know

File photo: Aerial view of Motijheel area in Dhaka during lockdown on Saturday April 17, 2021 Courtesy: Mominul Islam Momin

Government issues gazette detailing tougher restrictions for nation

The government has decided to impose a strict seven-day lockdown across the country from 6 a.m. on July 1 to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Strict disciplinary action will only be taken if you step outside without an urgent reason during the lockdown, the official statement released on Tuesday said.

The Cabinet division on Wednesday issued a notice in the gazette imposing certain rules and regulations for the lockdown.

1. All government, semi-government, autonomous and private offices will be closed

2. Public road, rail and river transport (including domestic airplanes) and all types of motor vehicles will be closed.

3. All stores, including malls or markets, will be closed.

4. All tourist centers, resorts, community centers and recreation centers will be closed.

5. All public gatherings such as social ceremonies (wedding ceremonies, birthdays, picnics, parties, etc.), political and religious ceremonies will be closed

6. The Supreme Court of Bangladesh will give the necessary instructions to the courts

7. The Bangladesh Bank will issue the necessary instructions for the provision of banking services.

8. Law enforcement and other emergency services such as agricultural items (fertilizer, seeds, pesticides, equipment, etc.), crops and transport, relief distribution, health services, vaccination against covid-19, electricity, water, gas or oil, fire brigade, telephone and internet (government-private), media (print and electronic media), private security systems, post office, bank, pharmacy and pharmaceutical products and other offices related to emergency and essential goods and services, their employees and vehicles can move around by showing their institutional identity cards

9. Trucks, trucks, covered vans or cargo ships used for the transport of goods will be exempt from the prohibition.

10. Ports (air, sea, naval and land) and related offices will be exempt from the ban.

11. Industries and factories will continue to be open and self-managed according to sanitary rules.

12. Food shops and hotel-restaurants will be open for take-out / online from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

13. Kitchen market equipment and basic necessities can be bought and sold outdoors from 9 am to 5 pm in accordance with hygiene rules. Market authorities / local government will confirm the deal

14. Except in cases of absolute necessity (medicines and basic necessities, care, burial / burial etc.), no one can go out.

15. Travel will be authorized for Covid-19 vaccine candidates on presentation of the vaccination card.

16. International flights will continue and passengers will be able to travel by car showing their international travel tickets.

17. The Ministry of Religious Affairs will issue instructions regarding prayers in the mosque in accordance with the rules of hygiene.

18. Under the “Army in Aid to Civil Power Act”, the Division of the Armed Forces will deploy the required number of troops to ensure effective patrols in the field. The district magistrate will confirm the case in consultation with the commander of the local army

19. The district magistrate will hold a coordination meeting with the relevant officers at the district level to determine the jurisdiction, method and time of patrolling the army, BGB, police, RAB and the United States. Ansar.

20. The Ministry of Public Administration will ensure the appointment of the required number of executive magistrates in the field.

21. The director general of the general directorate of health services (DGHS) will allow the district administration and the police to take legal action on his behalf.

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