Greatest rom-com actresses of all time

Since the initial invention of cinema, the romantic comedy genre has boasted a stellar lineup of various films. While typical romantic comedies fail to generate as many critical and box office hits as thrillers and action movies today, these timeless, bittersweet tales remain in our hearts and even our minds. decades after their initial release. In addition, the rom-com genre has successfully launched the careers of several actresses, many of whom attribute the birth of their illustrious careers to the unforgettable genre.

When it comes to the magic of romantic comedies, there are plenty of feel-good scenarios that receive a huge buzz once the two central characters intersect in the direction of intense romance. Despite the many reviews romantic comedies typically receive, their unrealistic yet vibrant approach gives desperate romantics something to happily cling to. From the incomparable Julia Roberts in A pretty woman to Meg Ryan’s memorable performance in Insomnia in Seattle, here are the greatest actresses of the rom-com genre.

ten Cameron diaz

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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Attractive blonde, Cameron diaz Quickly gained notable fame for his portrayal in Peter and Bobby Farrelly There is something about Marie. The film grossed $ 369 million worldwide and effectively launched the career of the then 25-year-old Diaz. Critical praise and box office success led him to star in The mask and The wedding of my best friend, alongside fellow romantic comedy sensation Julia Roberts.

9 Kate hudson

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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As the child of Hollywood icon Goldie Hawn, Kate hudson certainly had huge shoes to fill. With acting royalty running through his veins, Hudson stole the hearts of many fans alongside Luke Wilson in Alex and Emma. From that point on, Hudson’s masterful prominence in romantic comedies only increased with his overall success. Her charming performances in films such as How to lose a guy in 10 days and Raising Hélène strengthened her popularity and success as a romantic comedy actress.

8 Katherine heigl

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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According to Heigl herself, she has starred in too many romantic comedies during her esteemed career. Nevertheless, his contribution to the canon hardly goes unnoticed. After his success on Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl turned his remarkable television career in exchange for several romantic comedy films, including that of Judd Apatow In blister. Such a resounding success led to his next film, 27 dresses, which perfectly painted the authentic image of rom-com. Followed by The sad truth and Killers, Heigl rightly inscribes his name in this monumental list.

seven Reese witherspoon

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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Effortlessly, Reese witherspoon beautifully altered the boundaries of a genre which, at the time, was rapidly losing its appeal. The actress enjoyed immediate rom-com success when she portrayed Melanie Smooter in Sweet Home Alabama. By the time the successful star starred in the The revenge of a blonde franchise, she had already broken the mold in the field of romantic comedies. Plus, Witherspoon’s commitment to superficial characters sounds like real proof in the pop culture world.

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6 Jennifer lopez

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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At the start of his film career, Jennifer lopez won Cinematic Gold with her outstanding performances in beloved rom-com films, Made in Manhattan and The wedding planner. Interestingly, Jennifer Lopez’s resounding success in blockbuster romantic comedies coincided with her notorious musical career, with the actress’ flourishing vocation with an album and movie released the same week. In a fantastic turn of events, she was no longer “Jenny from the Block”, in fact, she was Jenny with a lot.

5 Meg ryan

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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Considered a pioneer of romantic comedies, Meg ryan simply embodies the fascination that surrounds the genre. You’ve got mail and Insomnia in Seattle are among the most beloved films of their particular genre. Plus, her self-aware nature as a romantic comedy makes her all the more likeable in terms of the hazy flow and the pairing of Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Include the standard of all rom-com movies in the form of When Harry meets Sally, and it’s not hard to see why audiences fell in love with Ryan’s charm.

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4 Sandra bullock

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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While his notable roles in romantic comedy films are surprisingly limited to a few, his dominating performances remain a memorable force in the minds of devoted fans of the genre. His masterful performance in Miss Congeniality 1 & 2 continue to absorb the attention and adoration of fans around the world. Her sympathetic nature led her to get involved in Hope floats, and a staple of romantic comedy, Proposal. Effortlessly, Sandra bullock combined her brilliant acting prowess with her genuine talent for physical comedy, which kept audience engagement going deep.

3 Drew barrymore

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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Drew barrymoreHer dedication to some of the best films in the rom-com genre may seem endless, but the talented actress has actually only starred in four films related to the category. The stunning actress broke new ground with her appearance in The wedding singer, alongside Adam Sandler. A few years later, the beloved trio once again electrified romantic comedy fanatics with 50 first dates. His recognizable star power further helped showcase his credibility and popularity in Never been kissed and Excitement. The true appeal of its characters and quirky nature are exactly the reasons fans remain enthralled.

2 Jennifer aniston

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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As polarizing as a romantic comedy character can be, Jennifer aniston Undoubtedly shines in her heartwarming and constantly relatable roles. Alongside Ben Stiller, Aniston daringly captivated audiences with his memorable portrayal of Polly Prince in Along came Polly. As usual for Aniston, just like his famous run on Friends, which can arguably be considered a long-standing romantic comedy, the film was an instant genre hit. Aniston’s enormous reputation as a romantic comedy heroine grew with her roles in Breaking and Go with that, who only launched his superstar.

1 Julia robert

greatest romantic comedy actresses of all time
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The critically acclaimed actress is, in every way, the undisputed queen of romantic comedies. Julia robert first graced the big screen in the rom-com category with her memorable performance as Vivian Ward in A pretty woman. Alongside Richard Gere, the talented actress has helped shape the very fiber of romantic comedy, both with A pretty woman and The wedding of my best friend. Combined with its effervescent performances in Notting hill and Mystical Pizza, and her crowning as the biggest name in the romantic comedy genre rightly places her at the top of the crowd.

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