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Fun Indoor Activities to Do in Brno – A Day Guide. Banner photo: Museum night at Moravian Gallery 2021. Photo: Archive MG.

It was rather grumpy summer in Brno, with many rainy days and the sun hiding behind dark clouds. As a Mediterranean, I find it quite odd to spend a summer when the temperatures don’t reach over 30 degrees. Running out of things to do as heavy rain poured down on my sandals, fearful of even catching a cold, I decided to look for some nice things to do on a cold weekend. This article is for Brňáks who don’t have a long summer vacation to take this year, or those who are skipping a weekend out of town.

Start your day with a wonderful breakfast at Café Podnebi

Podnebi is by far the best place for breakfast in Brno – and no alternatives are accepted! In a small flowered and secluded garden, it is located just under Spilberk Castle. For a nice Sunday breakfast, coffee, tea, cake or whatever else you want to order during a good chat with a friend, Podnebi wouldn’t mind. With multiple sweet or savory options to choose from, breakfast menus are affordable, high in protein and high in happiness.

Address: 5, Údolní 222, 602 00 Brno-střed

Visit the Moravian Art Gallery

The Moravian Gallery or Pražák Palace is a rather small but nice art gallery for a short weekend visit. Originally a building built in the late Renaissance style completed in 1874 for Brno politician Alois Pražák. Exhibiting very interesting Czech and international modern art, the gallery offers a host of permanent and temporary exhibitions of modern and contemporary art throughout the year. It is always a good idea to check the current exhibition and visiting hours before visiting the gallery. This summer, they are open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekends. It is also possible to buy handicrafts and works of art from the talented hands of Brno. Pražák Palace has a library and study room for art lovers, open to the public since 1883. For an artistic weekend once in the neighborhood, this is a nice visit with lots of free exhibitions, but there are also paid ones.

Museum Night at the Moravian Gallery 2021. Photo: Archive MG.


Address: Husova 18, 602 00 Brno-střed

Visit the ossuary of the Saint-Jacques church

Photo: KK / BD

Brno has the second largest ossuary in Europe located right in the city center, in Jakubské náměstí. With fees as low as 140 CZK for adults, it really is a great – and scary – experience to have when we are in Brno. Legend says that the cemetery that existed at the Church of St. James in the 13th century was short of capacity to meet the needs of the growing city of Brno, and old graves were opened to remove the bones of the deceased, therefore more space could be opened up to new bodies in the grave. The remains of the original tombs were moved to the underground ossuaries and got lost in history to be rediscovered again in 2001. The tour gets even deeper under your skin with the music played there and turns it into a unforgettable experience.

Address: Jakubské nám., 658 78 Brno-střed

Photo: M. Ruzicka / TIC Brno

Have a drink at Café Morgal and see another gallery?

Cafe Morgal is a truly unknown gem as it is located inside the Moravian Gallery (Governor’s Palace) in Moravské námesti. A quiet and comfortable place to sit on the premises of the Gallery, this is a good place for lunch or a cup of something in the afternoon. Have a lovely patio to sit outside or plenty of seating inside, reasonable prices, local wines and good coffee served; it’s a good place to sit down to chat, or with yourself to relax. Every now and then you can also stop by for summer movie screenings!

If you are feeling very artistic that day, once there, visit the Moravian Gallery located just upstairs with free entry.

Address: 1A, Moravské nám. 680, 602 00 Brno

Visit the Brno Observatory and Planetarium

If you’re interested in galaxies, stars, planets, and all the good things in the sky, the Observatory is a great evening visit. If you are lucky and the skies are clear, you may be able to use the telescopes to observe the stars and see a few planets. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the tours from 9 p.m. and have a great indoor experience, with 3D projection in the circle, large ceiling. The tours tell you how the stars and planets are located in the galaxy and how Greek astronomers created their theories by observing the stars. A truly magical, even romantic experience!

Photo: Brno region


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