Floridians Search The Web Most Searching For This Thanksgiving Side Dish

With Thanksgiving weeks away, meal planning might be on your mind.

There are so many side dish options to choose from to accompany your holiday bird on the table.

Most families are probably sticking to their annual favorites which could just be linked to regional trends across the United States.

According to Zippia’s Google Trend analysis, some states prefer different side dishes.

The results came after Zippia analyzed which side dish was the most searched on the web in each state during the month of November.

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For Floridians, this side dish is a casserole of sweet potatoes. There is only one other state with the same result and that is Tennessee.

A big favorite along the east coast of the United States was mac and cheese, entering with seven states

Mashed potatoes reigned supreme as the most sought after in 10 states.

The Midwest is all about casseroles, especially green bean casseroles.

It’s obvious the United States loves their carbs with 47 states looking for something carb, cheese, potato, and yummy. The other three states have gone veg with corn, creamed corn, and a side salad in Maine.

Map of the 50 states with their preferred sides. (Zippia.com)

Each State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side:

Alabama – Dressing

Alaska – Hash Brown Casserole

Arizona – Green Bean Casserole

Arkansas – White Sauce

California – Mashed Potatoes

Colorado – Mashed Potatoes

Connecticut – Mashed Potatoes

Delaware – Mac and cheese

District of Columbia – Mac and Cheese

Florida – Sweet Potato Casserole

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Georgia – Mac and Cheese

Hawaii Turkey Sauce

Idaho – Green Bean Casserole

Illinois – Mashed Potatoes

Indiana – devil eggs

Iowa – Corn

Kansas – Creamed Corn

Kentucky – Broccoli Casserole

Louisiana – Cornbread dressing

Maine – Side salad

Maryland – Mac and cheese

Massachusetts – Stuffing

Michigan – Green Bean Casserole

Minnesota – Mashed Potatoes

Mississippi – Baked Sweet Potatoes

Missouri – Rolls

Montana – Mashed Potatoes

Nebraska – Green Bean Casserole

Nevada – Mashed Potatoes

New Hampshire – Cranberry Sauce

New Jersey – Padding

New Mexico – Green Bean Casserole

New York – Stuffing

North Carolina – Mac and Cheese

North Dakota – Mashed Potatoes

Ohio – Green Bean Casserole

Oklahoma – Rolls

Oregon – Cookies

Pennsylvania – Stuffing

Rhode Island – Stuffing

South Carolina – Mac and Cheese

South Dakota – Croissant Rolls

Tennessee – Sweet Potato Casserole

Texas – Green Bean Casserole

Utah – Rolls

Vermont – Stuffing

Virginie – Mac and Cheese

A d

Washington – Mashed Potatoes

Now who is hungry and ready to sit down and celebrate with the family? Let us know how you’re going to celebrate in the comments below.

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