Extending Nighttime Curfew Hits Kolkata Wedding Times | Calcutta News

The extension of the existing COVID-19 borders in Bengal until December 15 has become a source of concern for those who are marrying in the family or who are getting married on their own.
Sonia Bhattacharya, whose wedding is on December 14, said: “My biyer logno is at 1 am. With the nighttime curfew in place, it will not be possible for my loved ones to be there at that time. My parents asked all of our relatives and friends to come early so that they could get home earlier.
Actress Sayantani Ghosh, who is getting married in the city on December 5, plans the wedding so that it all ends at 10 p.m. and guests have no problem getting home. “My biyer logno is at 4:50 pm and we have asked all of our relatives to come early. Guests were also asked to come before 7 p.m. If the government has announced a nighttime curfew, it must be respected, ”she told us.
Arindam Chatterjee, whose cousin Souvik Ghosh got married on December 1, made sure they finished before 11 p.m. “We organized everything taking into account the nighttime curfew. It would have been great if it had been lifted, but you have to follow government rules, ”he said.
Rongon Neogi, who runs a catering service, is also facing problems because of the nighttime curfew. “A party can end at 10:30 pm-11pm, but we need time to sort it out and get back. Service staff and cooks also encounter problems when they return home. Now dinner starts early at weddings. Plus, because families don’t know how many guests will be showing up, they order fewer plates. But the number of guests often exceeds estimates, ”said Rongon.
Ranjan Panda, another caterer, believes the government should be kind to people who marry into their families. “Dinner is now ready at 7 pm because the guests arrive early. So families don’t spend a lot on entrees. Also, because of the nighttime curfew, it becomes difficult for us to return home after putting things in order to post the party, ”he said.

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