Dig Deep: How To Enjoy Your College Football Saturday At A Fall Wedding Sports News

Pre-plan “bathroom” trips

In advance, try to identify three critical times when you will need to step away from the group, without asking questions. You can’t really afford more than three unless you want to arouse suspicion.

During these times, you will retire to a washroom for up to 10 minutes. Pull out your cell phone – which is already connected to Wi-Fi – and watch the drama unfold. Larger networks such as ESPN and Fox will have streaming options available on their smartphone apps. Oh, and be sure to check out the final scores earlier today while you’re at it.

Depending on how much alcohol is flowing, you might even be able to pull out your phone to check out games during bathroom breaks without too many people noticing. Use common sense and don’t force anything.

Remember: this is a solo business

At some point in the evening, you might notice a brother-in-arms performing similar covert ops in order to get a glimpse of an even score.

Of course, it makes sense to introduce yourself in order to have someone to share this with. But don’t blow your blanket. Two guests huddled, screaming as each grabbing one side of a single cell phone can attract unwanted attention. Believe me, I know.

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