Couples left in limbo after Pittsburgh Morning Glory Inn wedding venue closes – CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s every bride’s nightmare.

Imagine you are planning a big wedding and paying the money to have the doors to the venue locked. KDKA investigator Meghan Schiller has learned that this is sadly a reality for countless couples who are set to get married at the Morning Glory Inn on the South Side.

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It started as a simple post on Pittsburgh Wedding Community, a popular Facebook page. The message read, “Anyone know anything about the rumors that Morning Glory Inn is going bankrupt and annuls the weddings?” Their phone number now says out of service.

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Comments have poured in, including one from the worried bride Chelsea Billones.

“I’m trying to see the bright side, but I haven’t had my emotional breakdown yet. But I know it happens, ”Billones said.

She spoke to KDKA’s Meghan Schiller and described the location as “perfect”, saying she didn’t want to get married elsewhere.

Billones said he had already paid three-quarters of the cost and feared he would never see his money refunded.

“My husband and I are scheduled for September 5th of this year and honestly I am very disappointed because the Morning Glory Inn was honestly the place of my dreams,” she said.

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In 2019, Morning Glory Inn owner Dave Eshelman invited KDKA cameras inside for a segment on Your Pittsburgh. Eshelman had this to say about the site’s raffle.

“We’re different. We’re a bed and breakfast in town. We do a lot of things that other sites couldn’t do,” Eshelman said.

And that’s why brides planned to get married in the place feel played out.

KDKA spoke to Eshelman off camera on Tuesday. He said he couldn’t work it out, saying it was all in the hands of the bankruptcy court. The phone number is now disconnected.

“They created their whole vision around this place. I mean you really do it, you find a home and it creates their vision. So they have to redo everything, ”said Brittany Vakiner, co-owner of Postcards & Pearls.

Vakiner and his co-owner Cathryn Hoel Boe want to help “relocate” these brides for free. They work with other place owners, florists and photographers to make it happen.

Postcards & Pearls also offers its “family and friends” discount to any couple who wish to use the company’s “day of planner” service.

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“They’ve already paid for a wedding, they’ve already written the checks, it’s already out of their account and now where do you get the money to book another venue, that’s why the vendors we work with are giving discounts, ”said Hoel Boe.

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