Couple reflect on including their pet dogs in their wedding and photos

Jodie and Joss had their first deployment since they became official of Facebook was going to be difficult.

“He was in the military and was gone for about six months,” Jodie tells 9Honey.

So Joss had a great idea. He would buy Jodie a puppy to keep him company, maybe forgetting a puppy is more of a job than comfort for those first few weeks.

“I had a pet, but Joss had not grown up with a dogThe Canberra woman continues, adding that they both knew they were “dogs.”

Jodie and Joss have agreed on an important inclusion for their upcoming wedding. (Photography Tess Godwin)

ING Pet Insurance research discovered that some people will end a relationship if their partner doesn’t love their pet. In fact, one in three Australians say they love their pet more than their family members, and another third see them as their child. A quarter of pet owners surveyed would end a relationship if their partner didn’t like their pet.

Joss chose an adorable dachshund, or “sausage dog,” called Hunter, who was eight weeks old.

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“He was very energetic and quite exciting,” Jodie recalls.

“He was very friendly and didn’t bark much, which is weird for dachshunds. He was just like a baby and at the time he was really entertaining.

Jodie and Joss dog wedding outside the church
Jodie and Joss with their dogs Hunter and Odin on their wedding day in 2014 (Clarzzique Photo & Video)

“I couldn’t really afford to sit and cry to fall asleep. Plus, everyone wanted to come see the puppy, so my social schedule was busy.”

Before she knew it, Joss had returned home and the couple were focused on planning their next wedding, as well as settling in for Hunter with Joss’ German Shephard Odin.

“They got along really well,” Jodie says of that time.

“Although Hunter was in charge of Odin, although he was smaller.”

Jodie and Joss Dog Wedding Hunter
Joss bought Hunter for Jodie before a long deployment. (Photo and video Clarzzique)
Jodie and Joss Hunter and Odin dog wedding
Hunter has since become an important part of their family. (Photo and video Clarzzique)

The couple knew they wanted Hunter and Odin to be part of their wedding, and not just for a few token photos. They wanted them to play an important role.

“We got married in a church which is quite traditional so we couldn’t have them there, but we had someone to take care of them and then they came with us after church and are in all of our group photos, ”says Jodie.

“Then we went to another place to take pictures and had cocktails and they were included in those as well.

The wedding photographer was familiar with the pets included in the photoshoots and was delighted to take such special family photos for Jodie and Joss.

Jodie and Joss dog wedding cute photos
Their unique wedding photos surprise and delight anyone who sees them. (Photo and video Clarzzique)

“There were couples who had dogs in their photos for one or two photos, but our dogs were with us for a good few hours,” she recalls.

The inclusion of their furry babies in the marriage didn’t end there.

“We had cocktails bearing their names at the reception,” says Jodie.

“For Hunter, it was a girl’s cocktail even though he was a boy. It was champagne and strawberry liqueur like a Bellini. For Odin, we had a boy’s cocktail and called it Odin Cuba Libre.”

And these dogs knew how to pose.

“Hunter has his own Instagram @hunterthedachshund so he’s always been pretty good at photos and Joss’s dog was really well trained,” Jodie says of the brilliant photo results.

Today, Hunter is eight years old and recovering from back surgery, so the couple have made it a habit to put him in a small stroller for family walks. Sadly, Odin has passed away, so the couple now have a new addition to their family, another German Shephard whom they named Ada.

Jodie and Joss say the dogs helped them through the tough times when COVID led to lockdowns.

“They’ve always been our home business,” says Jodie. “They just encouraged us to go out and stay active and be aware of all of these things.”

Luckily, Joss is based in Australia at the moment, so the couple didn’t have to endure another long separation, and the four do it all together.

“Hunter comes to the Sunday family dinner with my parents and my in-laws,” Jodie says. “It’s a bummer if I show up solo.”

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