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Since Valley of stars became a success after its launch in 2016, comfortable video games have created something akin to a new genre, sharing in vibes what they don’t in gameplay, and the trend seems to be continually increasing in popularity. The liberation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons At the start of the global pandemic, comfortable gaming has become a real mainstream, and more and more players are looking for relaxing and enjoyable games that can bring a bit of comfort to everyday life. Indie developers have responded to that demand, but the abundance of comfortable indie games means it can be difficult to find the perfect fit. Fortunately, many of these games have free demos available, allowing players to try them out without fully committing to the price.

While some AAA games provide a good dose of chill out, comfy indie games often include innovative mechanics or unique concepts never before seen in the AAA scene, and discovering one of these hidden gems to share with friends can make it worthwhile. even more special experience. Many indie games also have a particularly genuine feeling for them – a character who comes from a small group of people working together to create something healthy.

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In late September, the Game Devs of Color Expo 2021 spotlighted some of these emerging developers, many of whom are producing games that fit well into the comfortable gaming “genre”. Gamers looking for comfortable titles would do well to visit GDoC Expo’s Gradient Convergence event page on Steam, which features games from the show, many with free demos. Another place to look is, a website that hosts and sells indie games, many of which are free. Cozy indies aren’t limited to the PC, as many are also available on consoles like Nintendo Switch.

Below is a selection of interesting and comfortable indie games with free demos. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a great place to start for gamers looking to expand their collection of comfort food games for free.

Lonely village

Lonely village is an adorable, puzzle-filled life simulator starring Wes, a coyote trying to bring his village back to the brink of destruction. The game features gardening and fishing mechanics, as well as a mellow dungeon exploration element. Fans of THE Legend of Zelda will probably appreciate Lonely village works of art and exploration. Developped by Pixel Ogre, a small company based in Mexico, Lonely village has a demo currently available on Steam. The full game will launch on Nintendo Switch and Xbox as well as Steam, but there is no release date yet.


While Commune, a game of community development and economic management, deals with heavy subjects, its general atmosphere is quite comforting. Players grow their own food, scavenge materials, and build a thriving community inside an abandoned warehouse, which developer Plethora Project described as having a character of its own at the GDoC Expo. A relaxing soundtrack and vibrant artwork give Commune a comforting and warm atmosphere. The game is slated for release in fall 2021 and the free demo is available on Steam.

Nainai recipe

Nainai recipe is a cooking simulation game that takes place during pandemic containment. Players learn to cook traditional Chinese dishes via text messages from their grandmother. This mellow game allows players to chop, slice and cook food however they want without any performance-oriented steps, meaning players can relax and fully play as a budding chef. Nainai recipe is developed by Fan Fang and Mai Hou as a thesis game at NYU Game Center. A free beta can be downloaded from

Exchange of mind

In Spirit Swap: Lofi beats in Match-3, players take on the role of a witch trying to gather and dispel spirits. As the game’s slogan says, she “Cast spells, be queer, and crush the biggest gig of the year” along the way. Exchange of mind combines fascinating and colorful graphics with relaxing lo-fi music to bring to life a magical world full of mystery and puzzles. It will offer five unique game modes and a multiplayer mode. Spirit Swap: Lofi beats in Match-3 is currently in development by Soft Not Weak and is slated for release in 2022. An almost endless demo is available on Steam.

City of Epiphany

City of Epiphany is a charming puzzle game about Lily, a girl who, after losing all hope, learns to overcome trials and realize her full potential. Its unique puzzle mechanics involve the use of magical photo frames to change the world around it. Created by Big shield games, City of Epiphany has a release date slated for early 2022, and a free demo is now available on Steam.

Master onsen

Master onsen tasks players with revitalizing the hot springs of the fantastic island of Izajima, managing clients, and creating ingredient-infused baths to treat their clients’ various foods. It includes a single or two player story mode, as well as a competitive multiplayer mode. The story follows protagonist Mu’s attempts to replace the titular hot spring master. A free demo for Master onsen is available on Steam, and developer Awakening Oni Games says it’s coming to both PC and consoles in 2021.

Coffee conference

Coffee conference takes place in an alternate reality Seattle where the city is inhabited by mythical creatures living normal lives. Players make drinks for customers and listen to their issues. The art is inspired by the anime of the 90s, and the soundtrack features jazzy and lo-fi sounds, making Coffee conference a must have for any comfortable gaming fan. Coffee conference is available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, though its free demo is only accessible on Xbox and PlayStation.

The survivors

Most survival games are far from comfortable, but The survivors is a fairly stress-free version of the genre. Alone or with up to three friends, players complete common quests, earn loot and trade, and ultimately survive in the wilderness. Players can also befriend and train monkeys to help them with various tasks including construction and combat. The survivors is available on all major platforms, but the free demo is available on Nintendo Switch and Steam.


Sephony is a beautifully unique game about biology and exploration. Players control three scientists – Amy Lim, Ing-wen Lin, and Riyou Hiyashi – stranded on a desert island, where they will use a 3D platform to explore the vast cave system hidden beneath the surface and unravel scientific and spiritual mysteries. At GDoC Expo 2021, developer Marina Kittaka from Analgesic Productions Explain Sephony the parkour type platform was actually inspired by Tony Hawk’s professional skater. This comfortable video games a free demo is available on Steam.

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