Chuck’s Chicago Adventure: Pizza and Popcorn, Please

I highly recommend one of the pizzas we tasted. And if you’ve never had Garrett popcorn before, give it a try!

Chicago is forever linked to the art of making and eating pizza.

As part of our Great Adventure, we decided to go see the expert on this delicious part of the city’s culinary history. Steve Dolinsky has been a television food critic for years here. This James Beard Prize winner is also the author Pizza City, United States, the essential document to enjoy a pizza in Chicago. Dolinsky took us to four different locations to assess the different styles of pizza in Chicago.

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Robert’s Pizza

Robert’s Pizza and Dough Co. is nestled next to a canal near the city center. The setting is beautiful and the pizza delicious. We enjoyed a thin crust pizza that featured a delicious fermented crust for three days. Dolinsky said it was the key to the wonderful taste.

“You see sometimes with lower places, but first in the bones of the dough, which are left on the plate, because the only thing that tastes is the cheese and the sauce on it, but this crust in it- even is delicious, it’s like, like a ciabatta or like a baguette “, Dolinski said.


Labriola was my crew’s favorite stop. It’s been a favorite stopover for pizza lovers since the mid-90s. This Italian staple, just off Michigan Avenue, is known for both its deep pizza and traditional tavern-style thin crust. It’s the thin crust pizza that I had always equated with Chicago pizza when I was a kid. Oddly enough, I didn’t see a lot of Chicago style deep dish pizza until I moved from the area.

“You’re Not Alone. (At the tavern) has been around for 80 years. Most Chicagoans say it’s Chicago style pizza. Meant to be a full meal, even if it has become a meal. complete! ”says Dolinski.

The tavern-style and deep-dish varieties at Labriola were tasty and the lines were substantial at the entrance to the restaurant.


Eataly is a beloved downtown market and restaurant. Italian food, drinks, and novelties can be purchased here, but the big draw is the restaurant. Pizza chefs can make a Neapolitan-style pizza, put it in a honeycomb oven, and bake for 90 seconds, quickly serving it piping hot. Steve says this pizza is a great alternative to traditional Chicago pizzas. Courtney Arnett from Eataly brought us closer to Chef Simone, who makes these delicious pizzas.

Neapolitan pizza is fair, it really is an art. And so it’s a great job as Simone has shown, and he’s an expert. I heard you say that it is easily digestible. We have 11 selections here at Osteria de Eataly of Neapolitan-style pizzas, ”Arnett said. “You leave feeling not guilty”,


We were quickly transported from Chicago to Rome when we set foot Bonci near the west loop. This pizza is different, it’s crispy, sliced ​​- and with a dozen different kinds of pizza on display, you can enjoy multiple kinds of pizza on one visit. Dolinsky says Bonci is a great pizza that is catching on.

It’s all initially baked in these Castelli handmade ovens in Italy, and you know they’re Italian because we use Celsius instead of Fahrenheit, so they’re made in these beautiful ovens and then laid out here. But it’s called pizza al taglio that’s by the cut, ”Dolinsky said.“ So you tell them what flavor you want. Then ask, you know, how much do you want, they’ll cut it, then they’ll weigh it, and then you pay by the pound.

I highly recommend one of the pizzas we tasted. But for me the best was a pizza which was excellent not because of its toppings but because of the fermented crust. I chose Robert’s pizza as my favorite. All of these places, however, will make a visit to Chicago memorable and delightful.

Popcorn Garrett

For decades, shoppers, workers, and tourists have walked down Michigan Avenue in Chicago and turned right, thanks to the alluring aroma from a small popcorn store. Popcorn Garrett Now has 50 stores around the world and an international online presence, but the flagship store we visited still operates as if it were the only store. We saw friendly staff lining up the building and tasting the delicious treats that keep customers coming back.

Garrett opened the first store in 1949 and visitors and locals love the products so much that they have an emotional attachment to the brand.

My favorite, and indeed the public’s favorite, is the Garrett Mix, a combination that owner Megan Chody says comes from customers.

Fun fact, okay our fans made it. Our fans used to ask for a bag of Carmel Crisp and a bag of Cheese Corn, then when they left theshop, they would mix and shake them. When our family found out,werelike, they did theMix Garret, let’s mix it up for them, said Chody.

I started working behind the scenes at the counter and was downstairs in the kitchen where I got a glimpse of small batch cooking of the popcorn. Quality control is a big issue here. This isn’t a cheap treat and the team make sure every bite is worth the cost.

“What’s amazing is that people are so passionate aboutGarrettPop corn,so it makes us so easy to be passionate. Weknowing what goes into every recipe that we handcraft every day in every store, then our amazing team members make the magic happen, ”said Chody. “They deliver the customer experience, they deliver a beautifully wrapped bag that people can proudly wear down Michigan Avenue and share their love of Garret,”werejust really lucky.This isso much fun to have something that so many people look forward to. “

And they can’t wait to eat Garrett Popcorn. Chody has heard hundreds of stories of people being treated with the Garrett Mix by their grandparents over Christmas or how they received a tin can while serving overseas.

It is an emotional experience for many and a delicious must-see stop for others. If you’ve never had it, give it a try! And if you like it, keep in mind that soon Garrett might be coming to some grocers in Indiana.

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