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November 2, 2021

Emot Wedding Photography and Videography published the results of a recent poll on attitudes towards wedding photography, based on a “database of thousands of engaged couples across Australia”.

Economic concerns aren’t as much of a concern for wedding photography clients this year, and health risks are even less of an issue. (Source: Emot Wedding Photography and Video)

Emot conducted a similar survey in November last year, providing an opportunity to ‘compare and contrast’ market attitudes as we emerge from Covid lockdowns.

“Some highlights from the survey are as follows: 46% of respondents appreciated the flexibility of dates when booking a wedding photographer, a 13% increase from the survey conducted in November 2020; the most common budget for a wedding photographer remained between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000, and the fear of “what if I had to cancel my wedding” increased from 23% to 47.75% from November 2020 to September 2021 ”, said Michael, executive chairman of Emot. War room.

Among others, the conclusions were as follows:
– The still very large number of couples want a professional wedding photographer for the big day: only one in 20 or those who responded said they did not have or would not use a professional photographer;
– As for the reasons for postponing a wedding, any measures associated with the Covid restrictions – restriction of location and travel, and friends and family not being able to attend are still important, but the economic concerns are less troubling. Concerns about job security have almost halved, and worries about funding marriage have also dropped significantly. Interestingly, “health risks” were rated as one of the least worrying issues in the 2020 and 2021 surveys;
– When it comes to sources couples use to find wedding photography, the online triumvirate of Google, FB, and Instgram dominated. Wedding directories are down as of November 2020 while Wedding Expos are up. (Since this was an online survey of an online business, there will be an inherent bias towards the Internet as a resource.)
– When it comes to how much couples are willing to spend on a wedding, it’s still a tight Tuesday among most newlyweds: nearly one in four respondents didn’t want to spend more than $ 1,000, while ‘he third parties weren’t willing to spend more than $ 1,200! The largest segment of respondents named $ 2,000 as what they would spend.

“This survey has provided us with great insight into how couples book weddings,” said Michael. “It is very clear from these results that things have changed since I started in this company over 30 years ago. Couples appreciate the flexibility, affordability, transparency as well as the quality of the images. Emot has positioned itself to meet these new needs, and with the return of consumer confidence, we are optimistic that we will see the wedding industry bounce back stronger than ever. ‘

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