CCTV installed after vandals twice hit Bedale Sports Club

The new cricket nets at BEDALE Sports Club and Community Center have been vandaled twice in a matter of days.

The nets were opened last year by Yorkshire County Cricket Club batting coach Paul Grayson.

Bedale Cricket Club secretary Paul Croft said: “Two pieces of the new net, about four square meters in size, were cut overnight, which I can only assume is from a gardener who wants protection of plants against birds. There is no other reason and it seems that the net was ordered and for a specific purpose. ”

AVE Aerials cricket club member Sean Ellison has now fitted four CCTV cameras at the clubhouse with a high definition night vision camera, pointing directly at the cricket nets to deter further theft. Sean said: “My family plays cricket in Bedale and I know how hard the committee is working to raise money for the new nets, so I was delighted to help provide this safety system.”

  • The Bedale Sports Club and Community Center will host an inaugural wedding on Sunday October 10 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Entrance is free for guests and traders. The Adrian Grayson Reception Hall currently hosts events for 100 people (60 seated), but a new extension to the main hall, which is expected to be completed by spring 2022, will increase the size of the hall by approximately 33% , allowing up to 100 guests for a wedding reception. Exhibitors include Lucy Exelby; event stylist, Emily King; wedding cakes, Nicky Ramsay; wedding photographer, Sarah McVie; wedding videographer, Neil Helliwell; Spring House Farm wedding caterer, Gavin McGregor; private chef Dales for the evening buffet, Linda Beaty; Hair and makeup, Jonny Stap; Disco and Lynda Maughan from Travel Lounge. A space is available for any other exhibitor who would like to present his services. Contact Martyn Coombs at [email protected] or 07885 228097 or visit the website for details.
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