Can’t wait to travel the world again? This 3D shiny wooden world map is every travel lover’s dream wall art!

Nothing shows more determination to explore the world than putting a world map on your wall! If you’re ready to get your passport stamped and explore different continents and countries, the guys from Enjoy The Wood have just the right piece of scenery for you! Discover the 3D wooden world map, a colorful (and bright) piece of art perfect for decorating your blank walls and possibly planning and narrating your travels. The card debuted in 2019, garnering support from thousands of backers – and it’s now back with some design improvements. The board, which is machined from certified sustainable birch plywood, is now available in multiple sizes and color formats to suit your space. You can even have them painted with a luminescent paint that allows the card to glow in the dark, or opt for an LED version that is lit by the edges of the card to really turn it into an accent piece for your living room, bedroom, or bedroom. office!

The 3D wooden world map is meticulously detailed and labeled with each country and its capital marked on its wooden parts. Like a large geographic puzzle for your wall, the pieces fit together and the 3D pieces literally pop out of the wall, giving the art its depth. Designed to be more than just art, the 3D wooden world map can be used for educational purposes, to plan trips, to chronicle your travels or even to mark important life events. The entire map is designed to be compatible with magnets, so you can stick memorabilia from your travels or even just stick Polaroids on it. Enjoy The Wood even offers a few accessories like a compass, boats, airplanes, landmarks, and pins to help you personalize your map. That being said, the card’s most obvious appeal is how it brightens up spaces by transforming the blank walls in your room. Its light variant gives your world map a vivid glow when you dim the lights, and the LED version turns the map into a smartphone-controlled mood lamp that absolutely transforms the mood of your room.

The 3D wooden world map starts shipping around October 2021 when the pandemic should hopefully be well behind us and international borders fully open to travel. If you’re a bit of a seasoned adventurer, or planning to become one once we can travel again, this one’s for you!

Designer: Igor Fostenko

Click here to buy now: $ 79 $ 139 ($ 60 off). Hurry, there are only 5/245 left! Raised over $ 700,000.

3d light colored wooden world map

The new Enjoy The Wood map comes with four massive updates: 17 new colors, luminescence effect, magnetic function and new LED backlight!

17 new colors

Bright and discreet, textured and smooth; With its innovative printing technology, the team can deliver the highest resolution, incredible precision and detail, so you can see much more at the same scale. Different colors to match your mood.


Now the map can glow in the dark. The darker it is, the brighter it is! The paint charges during the day and can then shine for up to 2 hours at night!

Magnetic card

The new card contains magnets! So you can keep the best memories beautifully displayed on your wall.

LED backlight

The smartest, easiest way to bring LED lights to your decor; easily installed (no tools or special devices required, just double-sided tape) and controlled from your phone – with more new lighting and flicker modes!

The same main features

– Eco-friendly materials to make the cards by hand (certified sustainable birch plywood)
– Fun and easy to install: only takes a few hours and won’t damage your wall (no drilling or holes)
– It’s the perfect trip planner and memory card
– Delivered ready to offer
– In the box you will find: map pieces including ocean names, wooden planes, boats and a compass, double-sided tape, instructions, corner stencils and a lifetime warranty
– Available in several sizes and types

Click here to buy now: $ 79 $ 139 ($ 60 off). Hurry, there are only 5/245 left! Raised over $ 700,000.

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