Byron Arts & Industry – June 2021 – L’Écho

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A smartly designed village where people live, work and play, all in one place, combining old school Byron (community, creativity) with new ideas (living + working spaces, carpooling) and good times (food , a small oasis for locals and visitors.

1. Bodhi’s life | 2. Byron Bay Traders | 3. Unprocessed | 4. Items I like | 5. STONE & WOOD | 6. 100% Animals | 7. Mark Tuckey Furniture | 8. 2die4 LIVE FOOD | 9. Honey Hunting Leggings | 10. Lifestyle Poem | 11. The hall gallery | 12. Kido Shop | 13. Byron Bay Fair | 14. Home workspace | 15. Mr. Simple | 16. Ananda Clinic | 17. Katrina Beohm Real Estate | 18. Rituals of Shackpalace

Living bodhi

1. Bodhi’s life

Bodhi Living is a concept furniture store that showcases unique antique pieces from around the world, combined with a range of contemporary furniture, rugs, lighting, decor and art.
They also offer a unique and personalized design experience and can guide their clients through residential, commercial and contract projects with in-house design consultation, planning and execution, creating thoughtful spaces that enrich the soul.
Centennial Circuit 1/18, Byron Bay
0429 479 260

Byron Bay Traders

2. The traders of Byron Bay

Byron Bay Traders is a collective showroom and retail space for local designers, manufacturers and small businesses. They feature a variety of housewares, furniture, gifts, fashion, jewelry, ceramics, skin care and more, giving you the ability to consciously support local small businesses in Byron and the surrounding area. Made with love and ethically sourced is the mission of each company in the collective.
17 Banksia Drive, Byron Bay

In raw state

3. In the rough

In the Raw brings you organic skincare handcrafted in the highest quality in small batches and handcrafted housewares, free from anything but the raw goodness of nature. Vegan friendly and toxin free. Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday.
1B / 11 Banksia Drive Byron Bay.
0450 873 451

Items I like

4. Items I like

Elements I Love is a bit obsessed with collecting antiques, art and architectural salvage. Unique interior pieces, handcrafted and vintage finds are kept in a newly renovated gallery space. “Time used up is how we love our finds.” Open most Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. or by appointment. * Please check the website before visiting! Parking available on site.
6 Acacia Street, Byron Bay

Stone & Wood


Visit Stone & Wood’s spiritual home for brewery tours, beer tastings, and some of Byron’s most delicious bites. With 31 brewing kettles, a canteen run by 100 Mile Table, and a beer garden, this is the perfect place to have a drink with friends or to take your beer appreciation to the next level. Children and fur babies welcome.
100 Centenary Circuit

100% pets

6.100% pets

100% Pets is your local pet supply store. Independent property, with qualified and experienced team members on-site to answer all of your pet-related questions. With a wide range of dry and raw foods, flea / tick preventions, bedding and toys, they have something for every pet. There is also a DIY dog wash in store. 100% healthy, 100% happy.
4/55 Centennial Cct, Byron Bay
6680 8121

Mark Tuckey Furniture

7. Mark Tuckey Furniture

Mark Tuckey is an Australian furniture company dedicated to creating high-end pieces that are popular in homes, offices and restaurants in Australia and abroad. They design wooden furniture with integrity, simplicity and resistance, using recycled and sustainably managed woods. They also retail seating, housewares, lighting and complementary artwork. Their commitment is to produce lifelong parts with a negligible footprint.
14 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay
IG: @mark_tuckey |

2Die4 Live foods

8. 2die4 LIVE FOOD

Buy direct from their A&I Estate factory and shop from the wide range of activated nuts at 2die4 Live Foods. They love to meet the locals and share their new products with you. Get a free sample of their delicious adaptogen activated trail mix when you visit! Monday to Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
6 Boronia Square.
0411 204 588 |

Honey hunting style

9. Honey hunting leggings

Did you know? Each pair of leggings is hand cut in their Byron workshop / boutique, sewn by local seamstresses and showcases their original artwork. Shopping with Honey Hunt supports Australian fashion. It is the ultimate slow garment, supporting a small group of talented local women committed to creating shapely and super comfortable women’s clothing.
Buy in store, online or at the Byron & Bangalow markets.
Boutique 2, 1 Centennial Cct, Byron Arts & Industry
0408 766 546 |

Poem Lifestyle

10. Lifestyle Poem

Tender and enchanting pieces designed to convey a joyful and poetic atmosphere to the home.
Ethical organic fashion, bedding and decor for babies, children and adults.
Each piece is handcrafted, carefully and consciously, using authentic craft traditions.
With sustainable European brands such as Numero74, Camomile London bedding, Muskhane decorative felt items, Louise Misha & Mamapapa fashion, as well as Elvis & Moi jewelry.
Boutique 3/18 Centennial Circuit, Byron Bay
0405 718 476
Insta: @poeme_lifestyle

The hall gallery

11. The hall gallery

‘Earth Sea and Sky’, an exhibition by Jay Pearse, July 1-29. Opening on July 8.
A series of landscapes painted at a time when Jay’s family lived behind Vaucluse Cemetery in Sydney. This body of work is inspired by the elements upon which our lives depend, and this clifftop terrain has become the catalyst for this series.
2/17 Tasman Way, domain A&I

Kido Shop

12. Kido Shop

Kido is a concept store for children with items they love and selected from around the world. Targeting newborns up to the age of 15, they focus on ethical and eco-friendly brands in fashion, home decor, furniture, books, toys and clothing. bikes. With brands of local origin and around the world, their products are designed to be lovingly passed from child to child.
7/18 Centennial Cct Byron Bay
9045 7777 | | @kidostore

Byron Bay Fair

13. Byron Bay Fair

Byron Bay Fair – where locals shop! Their amazing pharmacy is now called Infinity Pharmacy Byron Bay. Don’t worry, the same great team will always be in store, ready to help as always. Shop easily seven days a week – with free parking and Wi-Fi at Byron Bay Fair.
20 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay
Follow them on FB + Instagram @byronbayfair

Habitat workspace

14. Habitat workspace

A modern coworking space for freelancers, start-ups and small businesses. Thirty-four lockable “pocket desks” and twelve open desks; a smarter, more affordable way to do business in an upscale environment that is always relaxed.
B1 Building, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay
02 6694 3244

Mr simple

15. Mr. Simple

More than a clothing store, The Department is a place to find reliable products that stand the test of time. An eclectic collection of clothes, eskies, furniture, books, shoes, glasses and even a barber shop, the common thread is simple: only the objects they love enter the door. If you need something for a weekend barbecue or for your pal’s birthday, The Department is your place.
Boutique 39-41, 1 rue Porter,
Byron Bay habitat

Ananda Clinics

16. Train your brain at Ananda Clinic

QEEG Neurofeedback for live monitoring and training of your brain waves and brain function. Train your brain away from anxiety, depression, stress, and sleeplessness into peak flow states and emotional regulation. Increase the ANANDA-BLISS state. Better sleep. Optimize performance. Also offers endocannabinoid drugs and psychotherapy. Change your brain and change your life.
Habitat, Suite 56/1 Porter Street, Byron Bay
02 5624 5024

Katrina Beohm

17. Katrina Beohm Real Estate

Katrina Beohm Real Estate specializes in coastal and backcountry sales in Byron Bay, Ballina and Lismore counties. With twenty years of local real estate experience, Katrina and her team have an extensive database and top notch marketing strategies that can help you sell your property.
8 Porter Street, Byron Bay
0459 066 087

Shackpalace rituals

18. Rituals of Shackpalace

At Shackpalace Rituals, they love the idea of ​​reducing clutter and surrounding themselves with items that inspire you with their aesthetics, durability and utility. They source beautiful handcrafted items and ingredients that have been created with integrity and can simply be incorporated into thoughtful and mindful daily rituals. Visit their Byron Bay Concept Store to satisfy all of your senses.
Boutique 8, 1 Porter Street, Byron Bay

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