Brother Photographers bring fun, creativity (and a little bit of craziness) to archival footage

I always thought stock photography was a bit boring. But then I found out Zamurović Brothers and I changed my mind. They bring playfulness and fun to stock photography, making it creative, artistic, and wonderfully quirky. The brothers kindly shared their work with DIYP, so if you find the photos boring as well: keep reading and let’s change our mind!

Bojan and Ivan Zamurović are based in Zrenjanin, Serbia. They have been in photography since they were boys and took their first steps into commercial photography when they got into wedding photography. They wanted to add art to this genre and continued the same approach when they started taking stock photos. And they’ve done it with great success, if I may add. Their portfolio is where stock photography meets art, and they’ve developed a very recognizable style.

Bojan and Ivan’s portfolio is filled with clean, minimalist images, usually with a pastel color palette. Most of their images are conceptual, which makes you look twice rather than just glance at their work. This is, in my opinion, what makes their work stand out from most stock photos.

For this duo, being a stock photographer is the best job in the world. Lots of people have approached them to learn how to do it and make archival photos that stand out from the crowd. If their work has managed to change their mind so far, you can take their journey. It will inspire you and help you plan, shoot, edit, and create keywords for your own creative photos. The course is in Serbian, but don’t worry, there are English and Russian subtitles.

Just in case I still haven’t changed my mind about the archive photos, take a look at Bojan and Ivan’s work below. And if you want to see even more, be sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Shutterstock wallet.

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