BRIDE GUIDE: “A dream come true”

The meeting

Macie and Wyatt Jackson both reside in Covington.

Wyatt and Macie first met in 2017, when two of their mutual friends decided to set them up. Wyatt was working out of town and hadn’t been home for three months, while Macie had just graduated from high school. They weren’t looking for a relationship in any way, but felt that meeting them was meant to be something different.

Over time, they debated whether to formalize their relationship. Eventually realizing that each of them had something the other person needed, they made the relationship public. Wyatt was the anchor of their relationship, while Macie was the free spirit. They both kept their toes, which made their relationship an adventure.

Anyone who knows Macie and Wyatt knows that Macie was looking forward to the day Wyatt got down on one knee. After three years of relationship, it was time. Macie had dreamed of nothing more and had waited patiently for this day to come.

And finally, on November 5, 2020, Wyatt brought all of his friends and family together in the surprising event of asking Macie to marry him. He had placed photos of them over the years along with rose petals and candles. It was perfect. It was the sweetest and most memorable day of their lives. It was truly a dream come true.

The wedding

Macie and Wyatt got together with all of their friends and family and said “I do” on October 31, 2021. It was the most perfect fall day. They got married in the most beautiful and supportive venue in Jackson.

“Everlasting Ranch was everything we could imagine,” Macie said. “It was the perfect mix between a modern rustic venue and a ranch style venue. It was very convenient and had bridal houses and a family villa which made everyone cozy and comfortable before the ceremony.

From the moment they got engaged, the couple knew who their photographer, hair and makeup artist and caterer would be.

“Allie Broderick, along with Allie Broderick Photo & Film, helped create photos that will tell our story for a lifetime,” Macie said. “Her passion for going beyond her clients’ expectations showed us how far she would go to make our wedding everything we hoped for.”

Hair and makeup were done by Bridal and Beyond with Rachel Harrison with the magic behind the business.

“She was so easy to communicate with and made every member of our bridal party look beautiful inside and out,” Macie said. “She made sure every member was comfortable with every service she provided. She brought out our inner beauty, by the magic she worked.

“Anyone in Covington can tell you we love Mexican food,” she added. “So of course we found the most delicious Mexican restaurant called Gezzo’s West Cost Burritos. They were so kind and compliant in getting and setting up our food. The closest location is in McDonough, but it was a breeze having to communicate with their catering manager to deliver our food.

“Our flowers and cakes have been provided by people who are passionate about what they do. Trisha Smith knows how to combine flowers to create the most beautiful and simple arrangements. She managed to find all the flowers we liked and incorporated them in such a beautiful way. As well as our pastry chef, Crystal Surles. She has always had a passion for creating desserts, and always manages to make something we found delicious. She’s created both classic vanilla cupcakes and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cupcake, as well as the prettiest set of cupcakes.

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