Body video of South Fulton officer accused of excessive force

The officer was filing a report for a traffic accident, when a man asked him why he was not directing traffic. The exchange intensified from there.

SOUTH FULTON, Georgia – Police release body camera video of a South Fulton police officer accused of using excessive force during a confrontation with a man over receding traffic after an accident.

This officer is now on administrative leave while a state investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is underway.

Officer Solomon Muhammad’s body camera video shows the moments leading up to and just after his interaction with Marcus Coleman on Friday.

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The officer was filing a report for a traffic accident off the Roosevelt Highway that afternoon, when Coleman asked him why he wasn’t directing traffic around the crash. The confrontation escalated over the next few minutes, until the officer finally put Coleman in handcuffs.

In the video, partially obscured by the officer’s safety vest, he can be heard telling his supervisor that he used minimal force to place Coleman in the handcuffs. He admitted to having had his Taser in his hand, but said he had not used it. Coleman told 11Alive in an interview that the officer pointed him at his chest.

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The officer’s supervisor recognized Coleman, who they say is an activist for police reform in the city. Officer Muhammad can be heard in the video asking if he should quote Coleman, but the supervisor advises him against making the situation worse. They eventually let Coleman go and the officer returned to handling the accident.

He is now on administrative leave while the GBI investigates the allegations of excessive force. Meanwhile, the department said it is now reviewing the effectiveness of its officers’ body cameras when worn with these safety vests.

In a police statement, a spokesperson said Police Chief Keith Meadows ordered that the existing vests be changed so that they do not block cameras or that new vests be completely ordered.

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