Bay Area photographer warns others after being tracked and stolen equipment – NBC Bay Area

A Bay Area photographer who was followed home from the Golden Gate Bridge to East Bay and stolen, has a warning for other photo takers and a request for camera makers.

Louis was returning from Fremont after taking pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge from Marin Headlands when it was robbed by two men, according to police, who followed him home from the vantage point.

“I notice two guys approaching my car, a guy knocks on my window, I knew it was going to be bad. He had a mask and gloves. He asked where the highway was, ”the photographer said.

A man smashed his rear window and stole his camera bag while the man at his window ran towards the getaway car.

Louis started his car.

“I pursued them recklessly. So I crashed into their car to interrupt the getaway. This is where I saw the gun pointed at me, ”he said.

A shot was fired as his family ran out.

No one was hurt, but Louis is shocked and says he knows other amateur photographers who have been targeted for their equipment.

“Some of them were sprayed with pepper, thrown to the ground just to take pictures. It must stop, ”he said.

Wedding photographers have lost everything in car break-ins and property photographers have been broken into in traffic.

Photography experts at Petapixel said it wasn’t just a Bay Area problem.

“The first thing people did was warn us about the risk of theft,” said Tony Northrup of Petapixel. “It’s definitely a problem over there in San Francisco, but it’s a global problem.”

Louis has started a petition calling on camera manufacturers to include anti-theft technology in their products.

“Tell the camera makers to implement anti-theft technology. Crime is not a new thing, it used to be cell phones, now we have ID numbers, trackers, ”Louis said.

As he focuses on the bigger picture, the police investigate the armed robbery.

Fremont Police have arrested a suspect, Daron McClinton, 35. Police said he was on federal probation for robbing a photographer in San Francisco in 2015.

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