Australian Survivor: Samantha Gash and Mark Wales Love Story


After the show, the pair traveled across Australia, Indonesia and the United States over the span of a few months – Samantha saying she was “a lucky woman” to have Mark by her side.

But things were going to slow down soon (well, slow down for a fast-paced couple) when Samantha announced her pregnancy in November.

Posting a photo of her ultrasound, the reality TV star wrote: “The best adventure of Mark and of my life! I have never felt so grounded and in love with life.”

Throughout her pregnancy, Sam continued part of her training as an endurance athlete and kept fans updated on how she was dealing with impending motherhood.

Our baby has definitely strengthened our relationship and our love, ”she said shortly before giving birth.

“Surely it tested us when one of us was selfish or harmful (which is inherent in the things we have sought to achieve before), taught us the importance of communication and strengthened the makes us better when we are a team and don’t worry about the little things. Not long before our little miracle happens and changes our lives forever !! “

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The couple welcomed their son Harry Locke Wales into the world in March 2018, making him the first-ever Australian survivor baby.

“Coming to a beautiful 3.5kg and 49cm last Friday morning. Our love for you is more than your dad and I never thought it was possible. The most special week of our lives,” Sam wrote on Instagram next to a wonderful photo with her newborn baby.

“Welcome Harry Locke Wales – we’ll take you to the water – only you can drink it. Grab the day mate. We love you xxx mom and dad,” Mark wrote.



A year and nine months after giving birth to Harry, Sam married Mark in a beautiful Log cabin ranch wedding on December 14, 2019.

Share the special moments of their big day with our partner site New idea, Sam said the weekend was ‘magical’ and involved many of their Survivor friends.

“The ceremony took place in the stables and there was a candlelit atmosphere with panels on display; really simple with native gum sheets and mismatched chairs,” Sam said. New idea.

“I walked down the aisle to the song ‘Resolution’ by Matt Corby, which we love. It was the song that played a lot before Mark proposed to me.

“We had set up three long tables under bare tipis, with native gums in the center – it was beautiful. But then it started to rain, and obviously bare tipis do not protect from the rain! Sam revealed.

“While we were taking our photos [taken], everyone mobilized to lift all the tables and chairs and move everything in the stable.

Marc said New idea: “I heard it was lucky. It ended up being good, being inside. It was much more intimate.

samantha and mark

Jarrad Seng / Samantha Gash Instagram

Officiating the ceremony, competitor Jacqui Patterson and Jarrad Seng – another Survivor cast member – was the wedding photographer.

Other members of the tribe were also invited, including Aaron ‘AK’ Knight, Luke Toki, Jericho Malabonga and Aimee Stanton.

Mocking the fact that she was the one who orchestrated their eliminations, Jacqui pulled out a piece of cardboard during her speech and said: “I might have voted for these guys, but today I’m voting for Sam and Mark. “


Jarrad seng

And while they were there through the ups, Sam was also open with his supporters about the tough times.

“There are times when Mark wakes up from a sleep and then he’ll just say ‘I had a terrible nightmare.’ And it will either be something that happened or a fear of what might have happened while he was there, ”Sam said on the Online life podcast in 2020.

Mark served in the Australian Army for 16 years and was with the SAS for six of those years. On ANZAC day in 2021, Sam dedicated a post to Mark on Instagram.

“It is important that we remember the sacrifices of our compatriots, men and women who have served and died in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations,” she wrote.

“Mark, we are proud of you today, and every day. It was so special to share this morning with both of our parents.”

Mark wrote about his experiences in his biography, Survivor: Life in the SAS, which he released in 2021.

anzac day


The couple also continued their fitness efforts, with Sam and Mark both competing on The toughest race in the world alongside Bear Grylls (which you can watch on Amazon Prime Video).

Sam is also the co-founder of Her Trails – a female trail and adventure platform – and the co-founder of the Relief Run charity.

And, in 2022, they return to our screens in Australian survivor: blood for water.

The season is expected to include groups of family members, with host Jonathan LaPaglia saying: “Survivor has always been an individual game. But this season everything is about to change. “

Mark says in the trailer: “Playing Survivor with your spouse is a very dangerous idea. But the good thing is if one of us wins, we both win. “



Australian Survivor returns on January 31, 2022, 10 and 10Play.

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