Amazon Unveils Home Security Service Alexa Guard Plus, New Ring Devices For Cars

Amazon announced a slew of updates to its home security portfolio on Thursday, including the latest version of Alexa Guard and new Ring devices.

First announced last year, Alexa Guard is a feature in the Echo smart speaker line that turns Alexa-enabled devices into a smart home security system. The free service uses Alexa devices to detect disturbances in the home and sends alerts to users through their mobile device.

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The latest version of the service is called Guard Plus. Rolled out this fall, Guard Plus is designed to make the Alexa Guard experience more seamless. New features include the ability to call an emergency helpline through an Alexa device without using a cell or cell phone connection. The service may also emit a warning sound, such as barking dogs, if the Echo device is placed in Away mode and a potential intruder is detected.

Guard Plus will also support integrations with home security vendors including A3 Smart Home, Abode, Resideo, Ring, Scout Alarm, and Wyze. Guard Plus will be available free for one month, then cost $ 4.99 per month thereafter or $ 49 per year.

Switching to Amazon’s Ring security wallet, the company announced that it will offer end-to-end encryption for videos on Ring devices by the end of this year.

On the device side of Amazon’s security product updates, the company announces the Ring Car Alarm, Ring Car Cam, and Ring Always Home Cam.

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The $ 59.99 Ring Car Alarm plugs into a vehicle’s OBD port and monitors impacts, break-ins and towing. An alert is sent to users if something is detected. For connectivity, the car alarm uses Amazon’s new Sidewalk network, which aims to extend the operating range of low-bandwidth devices, allowing limited offline connectivity for uses such as camera motion alerts. of security.

The Ring Car Cam sells for $ 199.99 and is basically a security camera for cars. Sensors monitor shocks and attempted break-ins, and dual-sided HD cameras provide a live view of what’s going on in and around the vehicle via wifi or optional LTE.

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In addition, Car Cam can automatically alert emergency responders if a serious accident is detected. The system also has a feature called “Stop Traffic” which allows users to say “Alexa, I’m stopped” and the camera will immediately start recording and save the footage to the cloud.

The Ring Always Home Cam is a small, self-contained indoor drone that will fly to predetermined areas of the home, providing users with multiple perspectives of the home while they are away. The $ 249 Home Cam only records in-flight, the company said.

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