Amazing aerial photography shows the world in a way you’ve never seen

Over the past few years, drone photography has become more and more popular. Drones offer photographers an alternative view of the world and no longer cost the earth. The Drone Photography Awards 2021 showcase some of the most beautiful aerial images of the past year.

Divided into eight categories, each section has an overall winner, a finalist, and a series of highly recommended and recommended images. Categories include Urban, Wildlife, Sport, People, Nature, Abstract, Wedding, and Series.

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Tens of thousands of photos have been submitted this year from 102 different countries showing the wide and varied use of drones. They have been used to film everything from the behavior of wildlife to ethereal cityscapes to world abstractions.

The overall winning image of the Drone Photo Awards 2021 came from Norwegian photographer Terje Kolaas. Entitled “Short-billed Geese Meet Winter”, the photo shows a flock of thousands of short-billed geese flying over the snowy ground towards Svalbard.

The urban category presents a selection of images featuring artificial objects and buildings against a backdrop of nature. Sergei Poletaev took first place with a photo of a 500-year-old monastery in the Moscow region pictured with a large power station in the background. Congratulated for the “12:44” image, Pal Szilagyi Palko took an aerial view of a church in Geamana, Romania, flooded with toxic sewage.

(Image credit: © Qasim Al Farsi – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

Taking first place in the Wildlife category, Qasim Al Farsi documents the journey of a green turtle that returns to the sea after laying its egg on the coast of Oman. Second place went to Igor Altune whose “Fast Food” image depicts hyenas and vultures waiting to feed on the carcass of a buffalo in Zambia after it was killed by lions.

Using drones to take sports photos gives a new perspective on some of our most beloved activities. Making the most of the sun’s position, John Cowpland, Lampson Karmin Yip, and Louis Du Pisani use interesting shadows to bring out their images of a cyclist, basketball player, and skateboarder. The winning image shows surfer Ollie Henry escaping a monstrous wave at the end of a rainbow off the coast of southwest Western Australia.

Humans are fascinating creatures, and the People category documents a range of activities we do around the world. From sunbathing on ice in Kazakstan’s Almaty region to collecting water from dried up riverbeds and harvesting red peppers in Bangladesh, images in this category show the pleasures and hardships of everyday life.

The Nature category includes breathtaking images that remind you of the power and beauty of Mother Earth. Martin Sanchez captured the moment a volcano in Iceland erupted and won the top prize with the shot. Other stunning images include Lake Natron in the Great Rift Valley, where salt-loving algae make it bright red and the half-submerged trees of the Zanzibar Archipelago at high tide.

If you’re looking for quirky wedding photos, hire a photographer with a drone. These stunning snaps capture a couple’s biggest day from afar while being so intimate. Winning photographer Matteo Originale placed his couple against the backdrop of dramatic clouds as the bride was led by the groom in their “happily ever after”.

Finally, the Series category presents a set of works documenting a subject or a style of photography. It features incredible ice and mineral abstractions, colorful fields, and beautiful abandoned buildings. Address Latif came in first for its “Blanketed in Fire Retardent” series which illustrates the devastating effects of the 2020 wildfires that raged in Oregon.

The big winner took home more than $ 50,000 in photographic equipment, a crystal statuette “Pangea Prize”, a work presented at the “Above Us Only Sky” exhibition, advertised in the international press and in the online gallery. The awards will be presented at an awards ceremony at the Teatro dei Rinnovati in October.

Scroll below to see some of this year’s nominations or head to the Drone Photo Awards website for the full gallery.

(Image credit: © Sergei Poletaev – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © Gilad Topaz – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © Reza Bagheri – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © Terje Kolaas – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © Phil De Glanville – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © George Steinmetz – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

(Image credit: © Hugo Healy – Drone Photo Awards 2021)

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