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Indoor security cameras to protect your belongings

A home security camera can go a long way in ensuring your peace of mind, and these DIY indoor models offer simpler installations and better prices than their contract counterparts.


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Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon’s $ 120 1080p HD live stream, responsive motion alerts, free 24-hour clip storage, and a simple app make this indoor home security camera one of the best we’ve got. examined.


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Flashes inside

The battery-powered Blink Indoor requires a sync module to operate, and if you don’t have one from a previous Blink camera purchase, you can purchase a next-gen 2 sync module that comes with a Blink Indoor camera for $ 80. $ (although Blink tell me this camera will work with existing modules).


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The Blink Mini has similar specs and functionality to the Blink Indoor, but it has an AC adapter (instead of being battery powered), and it costs just $ 35.

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D-Omna Link

The D-Link Omna is the first security camera that works with Apple’s HomeKit platform.

The camera works fine, but sound alerts are not available and there is no Android app. It’s really HomeKit or nothing with the Omna.


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Eufy 2K indoor camera

The $ 40 Eufy Indoor Cam 2K works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.


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Ezviz Mini 360 Plus

The Ezviz Mini 360 Plus security camera costs $ 70 and has a pan angle of 340 degrees and a tilt angle of 80 degrees.

You can manually adjust the camera angle in the app or opt for its “auto-tracking” mode which tracks motion activity around a room. Unfortunately, it didn’t do a good job of tracking my movements unless I was walking very slowly.


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Honeywell Lyric C1

Honeywell’s Lyric C1 Wi-Fi Security Camera offers free cloud storage, local storage, motion detection zones, and geotagging linked to your phone’s location.


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Honeywell Lyric C2

The Honeywell Lyric C2 is very versatile in terms of storage.

It comes with 8GB SD card, free cloud storage, optional paid cloud storage upgrade, and optional professional monitoring.


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iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep

ISmartAlarm’s previous iCamera was clunky and difficult to configure. This upgraded version is much easier to recommend, but currently does not offer auto-save or save clips for later review.

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iSmartAlarm iCamera Keep Pro

ISmartAlarm’s new iCamera Keep Pro can pan 350 degrees and tilt 40 degrees.

Similar to the Zmodo Pivot, it is designed to change position to capture motion activity.


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Kidde RemoteLync

The Kidde RemoteLync has the same hardware as the Homeboy security camera.

The RemoteLync is battery powered and does not offer live video streaming. Instead, this siren-equipped model is supposed to alert you to unexpected activity.


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Indoor Nest Cam

Nest Cam Indoor is owned by Nest Dropcam Pro replacement. And although it looks like the Pro at first glance, this version offers Full HD 1080p live streaming, a rotating stand, and a magnetic base.


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Indoor Nest Cam IQ

Google’s Nest Cam IQ features an 8-megapixel 4K image sensor and enhanced 12x digital zoom to access 24/7 live video feed. A hardware upgrade improves the audio quality of Nest’s two-way talk feature.


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Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera

The Netatmo Netatmo smart indoor camera has facial recognition. It also works with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant.


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Netgear Arlo Q

The Netgear Arlo Q 1080p HD holds up alongside the Nest Cam Indoor.

It has motion and sound alerts, two-way sound, night vision, and activity zones. It offers free event-based cloud storage and you can pay a monthly fee for continuous recording.


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Samsung SmartCam HD Plus

Samsung’s SmartCam HD Plus is the next iteration of the brand’s existing SmartCam HD Pro.

It offers 1080p live streaming, night vision, motion alerts, and local storage via an included microSD card slot.


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Samsung SmartCam HD Pro

that of Samsung SmartCam HD Pro is a direct competitor to Nest Cam Indoor, but it didn’t quite match the crispness of Nest Cam’s videos on the web or on its mobile app. Its components also seemed cheap in comparison. It has a ton of useful features, however, including local SD card storage room.


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Wyze Camera

The Wyze Cam, Wyze’s cheapest home security camera, costs just $ 20. It has 1080p HD resolution, 110 degree field of view, motion, sound and person alerts. It also has advanced sound alerts for smoke and carbon monoxide detection – and free 14-day cloud storage.

There is also a microSD card slot, but the card is sold separately.

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