A herd of elephants ready to make a difference

THE ORGANIZERS of the Town’s Elephant Summer Trail thank the county knitters and embroiderers for making a difference to local hospice care.

Worcester’s Big Parade, a Wild in Art event hosted in the city by St Richard’s Hospice, encouraged local residents to hand-make elephants to support the project and were stunned by the response.

Sara Matthews, Director of Business Development for St Richard’s Hospice, said: “When we called on the county knitters, biters and elephant lovers to prepare during the winter shutdowns, we knew our wonderful community would support us – but the answer was something else.

“Incredibly, we have received over 3,000 cute, cuddly and colorful elephants which will be available in our parade store for donation to our care. It is truly humbling to see the love and care given to them and each elephant will make a difference for patients living with serious progressive diseases as well as for their loved ones. “

Hospice supporter Gemma Ward, who coordinates a Facebook group of about 150 creators called “Join the Rush,” also helped the hospice organize its gigantic transport.

She said: “After my own cancer diagnosis and recovery, I know firsthand how important St Richard’s work is.

It seems that in Worcester everyone knows someone the hospice has helped – so it just felt natural to want to contribute.

“I might not be ready to run marathons or go skydiving, but I can knit. I, along with hundreds of others, did what we could. We knitted, crocheted and sewn to show our support and to give people of all ages a keepsake of the parade. We have used the time at home to our advantage and have used it to support our local hospice, with the hope that their good work can continue for many years to come.

Anyone with handcrafted elephants to donate can still do so until August. Finished elephants can be dropped off at Worcester’s Big Parade store at 57a Broad Street in Worcester seven days a week starting Monday, July 12 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Elephants can be mailed or dropped off at: Sara Matthews, Fundraising Service, St Richard’s Hospice, Wildwood Drive, Worcester, WR5 2QT. The Hospice asks shippers to include their contact details inside the package so that each manufacturer can be thanked.

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