A female journalist registered on BongaCams and won $ 1,920

During the pandemic, a lot of information about alternative ways to make money began to appear on the Internet. We began to wonder what modern opportunities offer and what options deserve our attention. We were particularly drawn to the webcam realm, and we decided to check out if there are thousands of girls actually making money on adult sites.

To begin with, we spoke to several webcam models, who have social media accounts. It turns out that many of them work in pairs with their husbands or boyfriends, and some of them broadcast with their girlfriends.

We decided to take a closer look at the webcam world and see how everything works from the inside out. To this end, one of the journalists registered on BongaCams, a webcam site ranked 36th among all sites in the world according to the Alexa ranking. On a special BongaCams page, there is information about the girls’ income over the past month.

The overall registration process took about 10 minutes and half an hour later the request was approved. The reporter decided to go online right away. She broadcast exclusively in a swimsuit, without undressing, and only communicated with Internet users on the most common subjects. By only working a few hours at a time, she managed to earn $ 1920 in a matter of days! Nobody expected such a result, it must be admitted!

Additionally, the reporter spoke to several webcam models on the site – a girl and a couple who had already been working on BongaCams for some time. They confirmed that by being at home and just communicating with the users, one can earn decent money. You don’t have to look like a model or know any special stuff.

Having only worked on BongaCams for a few days, the reporter managed to see that webcam sites create as favorable conditions as possible for making money. Given the ability to work from home and go online anytime, the webcam can certainly be considered one of the most accessible sources of income.

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