7 fantastic experiences on the water at Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is one of the highest alpine lakes in the country. It straddles Nevada and California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains and is the second deepest lake in the United States. Lake Tahoe is home to many beaches and is known for its crystal blue water. In some places the water is so clear you can see up to 90 feet below the surface.

Lake Tahoe is unique because it is truly a year round lake. The water always stays quite cold but never freezes due to its extreme depth. The most popular time for water activities in the Lake Tahoe area during the summer months, when the water temperature can reach 60 degrees in shallower parts.

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1. Explore the lake

Lake Tahoe is full of natural beauty and history. Start at Emerald Bay and the historic Vikingsholm mansion. This 1920s Nordic-style house was originally built as a summer residence but is now owned by the State of California. Or stroll along the west shore to take a peek at Fleur du Lac, which served as the backdrop for Godfather II.

With over two dozen beaches around the lake, you could easily spend a day jumping on the beach. Kings Beach on the north shore is one of the largest and most popular. You can swim here or enjoy a picnic along the shore. There are also a few shops nearby if you need to freshen up. Kiva Beach may be less crowded as it can get a bit rocky for swimming, but it’s one of the few beaches in Tahoe that allows dogs.

For a fun day exploring Lake Tahoe, consider hiring a pontoon boat like this. It can accommodate up to 10 people and offers discounts for multi-day rentals. Pontoon boats are easier to navigate, so you can focus on the beautiful surroundings. Some may even come with a captain for an additional charge if you really don’t want any liability!

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2. Water sports

If you’re looking for a little more adventure on the lake, try your hand at some water sports. Across over 190 square miles, there is plenty of room for adventure, whether you are looking for an adrenaline rush or relaxation. For thrills, try exploring Lake Tahoe by paddleboarding, jet skiing, tubing, or water skiing. Several boats come equipped with these water toys, so you can try them out when you’re ready. You can even rent jet skis for the day or try your hand at tubing with this boat or wakeboarding with this one.

Do you prefer a more relaxed approach? Have a kayak delivered right to your home or try paddleboard yoga. Keep in mind that the water in Lake Tahoe is quite cold (even in summer), so you can bring a wetsuit or, at the very least, extra towels or a sweatshirt to warm you up when you go out. water!

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3. Sailing

Crank the engine and count on the wind with sailing adventures on Lake Tahoe. While other boats can fight the strong winds, sailboats thrive there. This boat will teach you the basics of sailing if you want to give it a try, or just sit back and enjoy the scenery while the pros handle the sails. This sailboat also has a kayak if you want to dive and explore the water on a more personal level.

Sailboats are generally smaller than motorboats, so consider this if you have a larger group. Also, some sailboats are anchored far from shore, so you have to take a small canoe from shore to boat. It can be difficult to get in and out, so be sure to ask how to get on the sailboat before renting it if you think you are having difficulty.

4. Fishing

Lake Tahoe is home to a dozen different species of fish. The most common are Kokanee salmon and trout, including rainbow, silver, and mackinaw. Visitors can fish year round in Lake Tahoe, but the best bites come in the spring and summer. Different species of fish prefer different parts of the lake depending on the depth, water temperature, and other factors. You can therefore find yourself in several places during the day to maximize your catch. For this reason, consider hiring a faster boat, like this one, which can get you from place to place quickly.

Two things to note about fishing in Lake Tahoe. First, each person is responsible for obtaining their own fishing license. You must have it with you at all times. The other is that there are limits to the number of fish each person can catch. The limit is usually five trout (no more than two being Mackinaw) and five salmon, but be sure to check the latest rules before heading out on the lake.

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5. A full day of fun

Once you’ve taken in all the scenery and history, you might be ready to relax and have fun on the water. The pristine blue water of Lake Tahoe is perfect for swimming and enjoying. Note: Lake Tahoe is over 6,000 feet above sea level so the water is a bit cold!

For a real party on the water, the Jungle float is the boat for rent. Equipped with a trampoline, slide and diving board, you can rock, slide and bounce in Tahoe water. There’s even a barbecue to refuel after hours of fun.
What better way to celebrate a family reunion or life event than a fun day out on Lake Tahoe? This boat can accommodate up to 35 people, so it is perfect for a larger group. It has a floating water mat and you can bring your own food and drinks. It also comes with a captain who can customize your trip, so you can sit back and enjoy the day.

Lake Tahoe Sunset Cruise Ship Rental from GetMyBoat

6. Sunset cruise

The beauty of Lake Tahoe changes at dusk. The sun reflecting off the crystal clear waters is something everyone should experience. You can hire any boat to go out on your own to enjoy a quiet and more private time watching the sun go down. Or you can take a charter cruise.

There are several charters available for sunset cruises. The advantage of these charter cruises is that they come with a crew who can discuss the history of the lake and point out unique places. This boat comes with complimentary champagne toast and a captain to take you to the best place to see the sights. Add dinner to the mix aboard this boat, where you can grill food to savor while watching the beautiful sunset.

Hot air balloon in Lake Tahoe California
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7. Lake Tahoe from the sky

File it in the “don’t miss this” section of any trip to Lake Tahoe. Marvel at blue water from the air, with an excursion aboard the Tahoe Flyer. It’s the only certified balloon launch and recovery boat in the world, so you literally can’t have that experience anywhere else. The boat departs early in the morning to take you to the middle of the lake at sunrise. You will climb into the hot air balloon basket before being launched into the back of the boat. The ride over Lake Tahoe is spectacular and will take your breath away. One of the greatest sensations is when the hot air balloon lands on the boat in the middle of the lake! This experience is expensive but worth it for the scenery and the memories.

Pro tip: Spring and summer are very popular times for water activities at Lake Tahoe. Your best bet is to book early to make sure you get the boat or charter you want. Some boats even offer a small discount for booking longer in advance.

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