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Movies centered around weddings, like many romance-themed movies, often get a bad rap for being overly sensitive or emotionally charged while lacking any substance. Of course, this is true for many romantic movies, but I would say that not every movie has to have a moving message or a showdown between your mores; it can just be entertaining. Although wedding movies stereotypically fall into the romance or rom-com genres, there’s still so much substance in this category. Romance movies that involve weddings are generally well received by audiences, so what attracts people to weddings and romance movies as a whole?

The answer has to do with our psychology and how we project our own desires into the world around us. Phillip Hodson, psychotherapist and author, developed this with Time. “We must live by stories that help us deal with harsh realities. Idealism has a role to play – it can convince us that no matter how deformed, decrepit or boring we are, there is someone there for us. And you know what? There are!” Plus, movies that involve weddings often have that magical, fairytale element that always draws humans in, whether they’re young or old. This can be attributed to our innate desire to seek purpose and hope in our lives, according to Ellen Handler Spitz in The New Republic. “[Fairy tales] spark rainbows of feelings, insatiable curiosity and endless searches for meaning,” she wrote. So if you love romantic comedies, don’t worry, that just means you’re human perfectly normal.

It doesn’t have to be wedding season for you to indulge in some of the best romance movies around. Whether you’re having a girls’ night out or are seriously caught up in your feelings, we’ve compiled the perfect list of 45 wedding movies to make your fairytale dreams come true.

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