24 images that present the sweetness and struggles of pandemic marriages

  • Intrepid photographers not too long ago gathered marriage ceremony images taken throughout the pandemic.

  • The pictures are supposed to present that “we will discover love and happiness” even in tough instances.

  • Some images present brides carrying particular masks, whereas others present family members watching Zoom weddings.

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Weddings look very totally different from the COVID-19[female[feminine pandemic swept the world in 2020.

Families have watched loved ones marry Zoom, parties have been smaller, and face masks are now a bridal fashion staple. But despite the struggles, weddings across the world have continued to celebrate love.

That is why Intrepid photographers recently gathered footage who “recognize difficult times”, remind us that “we can find love and happiness in the little things” and show that we have “the strength within us to go through it all together”.

Here’s a look at 24 stunning photos from the collection.

People found innovative ways to honor loved ones who couldn’t attend their wedding in person.

015 6310 Cyd Lapour 7494

As a photographer Cyd Lapour shown, some couples recorded photos of their family and friends on pews during their ceremonies.

At other weddings, temperature checks were mandatory – even for the bride.

miguel angel padr n martin 3129

A bride had a thermometer on her forehead moments before walking down the aisle, as shown in this image by the photographer Miguel A. Padrón.

Some sets had to be changed because the weddings were postponed.

pandemic marriage 1

One couple even included crossed-out wedding dates on their welcome sign, pictured by Mary aulick.

But some traditions have been able to remain in place.

054 3835 ken pak 2091

Ken pak photographed a couple dressed in Vietnamese wedding attire surrounded by their loved ones.

Masks have played an important role in pandemic marriages.

022 6948 maxime faury 5401

Two brides kissed on their wedding day while wearing white masks to match their dresses. Maxime Faury captured the sweet moment between the couple.

Some people even used them to let others know that they were happy to be there.

152 Nadine Lotze 7206

Nadine Lotze photographed a participant who wore a face mask that said “I smile warmly under this mask”.

It was common for weddings to be attended only by a couple and their officiants.

019 8417 patrick lombaert 2647

Yet their ceremonies were filled with love. Just watch Patrick Lombaert image, which shows a couple beaming with joy, despite being unable to party with guests.

Some were able to celebrate in small groups.

110 0605 anupa shah 6775

A couple photographed by Anupa shah was surrounded by family members, young and old, on their wedding day.

Other weddings took place with many participants.

102 7619 Julien Laurent Georges 5541

And even when social distancing wasn’t happening, the masks were on, as shown in this black and white image taken by Julien Laurent Georges.

Family members could still participate in the classic wedding day activities.

031 2885 Courtland Wilson 4909

Photographer Courtland wilson, for example, captured a young girl gazing at a bride in awe while holding her dress train.

Some even took drastic precautions to make sure their celebrations were safe.

valter antunes

A man, as seen in Valter Antunes’ image, wore plastic covering on her head and body while hugging the bride.

The couples got creative with their face masks and matched them to their outfits.

137 angela nelson 4080

Angela Nelson used a black and white technique to photograph a couple who wore Mr. and Mrs. masks on their big day.

And even with their faces covered, you could still see the joy of those getting married.

043 2393 ufuk sarisen 4372

Ufuk Sarisen perfectly captured this in an image that shows a bride and groom lovingly looking at each other with colorful wedding backdrop behind them.

Plastic dividers were used for some ceremonies.

047 miguel angel padr n martin 3239

As Miguel A. Padrón shown in its striking shot, a couple participated in a religious ceremony led by a priest who stood behind a transparent barrier.

Technology has also played a key role in many marriages throughout the pandemic.

069 raymond nguyen 9563

Raymond Nguyen highlighted in a photo, showing a virtual audience using Zoom to watch a couple get married.

Some couples have traveled to remote areas for their weddings.

118 nina larsen reed 8353

Of course, they always made sure to wear their masks, even while standing on snow and ice, as seen in Nina Larsen Photo.

Emotions ran high when couples interacted with masked family members.

098 4311 chengkai lee 2402

In Chengkai Lee’s photo, you can see a bride holding the hands of her loved ones as they look at her with emotional faces.

But people were still able to let go and dance the night away.

174 7278 daniela ortiz 7290

Of course, they did it from a distance, as seen in Daniela ortiz photograph.

Hugs were often exchanged for bumps in the elbow.

090 2363 monica capone 1528

Monica capone captured six people doing it at a time in his photo.

And in-person toasts have been replaced by virtual cheers.

071 7332 Brittany Diliberto 9223

A couple and their dog celebrated above a beautiful nature scene as their loved ones cheered them on via FaceTime, pictured by Brittany DiLiberto.

The masks weren’t all bad – they helped some people band together for their winter weddings.

049 7197 nicodemo luca luc 8063

In this monochromatic image of Nicodemo Luca Lucà, a bride is seen in a fur shawl, long veil and white mask as family members and guests watch in their own outfits in cold weather.

Wedding photographers were still able to take stunning portraits with COVID-19 protocols in place.

120 kamal kiran 6318

Kamal kiran, for example, captured the beauty of a couple’s big day by showing off their vibrant Indian wedding attire and blue masks.

Other photographers have taken unprecedented steps to ensure all family members are included.

102 2196 ryan greene 8981

Ryan greene photographed a bridge, the groom, their family members and a cardboard cutout showing two people who could not be there.

Pandemic marriages have always turned out beautiful despite struggles.

135 Jeff Cooke 5665

As Jeff cooke proven with her photography, beauty can still be found at pandemic weddings, even when you have to smile under a mask.

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