15 best wedding hairstyles for men

There are many elements to planning a wedding: finding the right tuxedo, branding shoes that fit effortlessly, and deciding whether you’re going to wear a clutch or not. But, it’s important to remember not to get lost in these details and to focus on another essential planning detail: your hairstyle on your wedding day.

Celebrity hairstylist and photographer Michael Dueñas recommends that the bride and groom stick with classic and timeless hairstyles. “Usually clean tapered sides, with a bit of length on top and well-groomed. Think 40’s masculine styles. Just less product, ”he says. To get the best hairstyle on D-Day, Dueñas recommends using modeling clay for a “natural finish”.

Meet the expert

Michael Dueñas is a celebrity hairstylist and photographer who counts Lady Gaga, Connie Britton and Molly Sims among her clients.

When choosing a men’s hairstyle, it’s important to remember that less is more. Stick to what you know that best suits your features and personality, but have fun anyway because there are no rules when it comes to hairstyles for your wedding. Dueñas says, however, to keep this advice in mind: do not discolor the sides on the skin. “Leave some hair out because it looks softer and more timeless. Skin discolorations are all the rage and will look harsh in wedding photos years later,” he adds.

For a hairstyle that stands out on the big day, scroll down to see 15 of the best wedding hairstyles for men.

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