12 Best Sydney Wedding Photography Tips for Brides and Grooms

You spend years meticulously planning the wedding of your dreams to make it a day to remember for the rest of your life. After all, it is a milestone in your life, and you want to capture the memories in the best possible way.

Whether you are the bride or the groom, here are some wedding photography tips you can take into account to ensure you capture incredible moments in your photos on your big day. So let’s get started!

1. find a famous and professional wedding photographer

Begin your search with the fruit at hand even before the date is decided. Chat with married couples for recommendations from photographers, browse their portfolios, Instagram, and real weddings to find out which style is right for you. Remember that your choice of wedding photographer will play the most important role in the outcome of your wedding photos.

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2. Set up a wedding photography timeline

It takes a long time to create innovative images – the longer the time, the better the result. Good photos cannot be taken in 20 minutes. In fact, it can take a long time to get just the perfect expression. Therefore, you should allow a reasonable amount of time for the photography session.

How long does it take to take your individual portraits, couple sessions, group or family photos, etc. ? How to plan a perfect wedding photography timeline? These are important questions that you should discuss with your team of wedding photographers in planning the big day.

Meet with your team of photographers 1-2 months before the wedding to discuss these details. Confirm locations for post-wedding and pre-reception shoots, review the hours booked for each stage of the day, and set flexible goals for the day. This will establish a routine to organize the day, release tension, and help you enjoy your special day.

3. Hire a wedding planner

To take the stress out of your family members, you can always consider hiring a wedding planner to coordinate the wedding day. Think of the wedding planner as a safety net. If anything goes wrong, they’re there to troubleshoot so you and your family don’t have to worry about the issues and can focus on your big day. They work wonders on the wedding day and are definitely worth the investment. If you don’t know a good wedding planner, ask your team of photographers for a reference.

4. make a mood board

A mood board can help your team of photographers learn more about your preferences, style, relationship, and personality. It is a method of visibly communicating the style of images you are considering for your wedding. You can create it through Pinterest or on a website, where you can save any image you like.

Two people can have totally different views on a particular description. In addition, styles (bohemian, romantic, elegant, rustic, etc.) evolve over the years and can be achieved in several ways. Therefore, it is necessary that you give clear instructions for the shoot and a moodboard is the easiest way to communicate this vision.

However, it is not recommended that you copy the exact photos that you find on different websites or Pinterest. A lot of people follow the same tables, but it can end up making your photos look like a million other wedding photos. Instead, take inspiration from these images with the goal of creating unique images that others would pin in the future.

Be practical with your ideas. You can’t create the Sydney sun in the middle of winter in Sydney for example. All times, all places, all couples are different, and it is the photographer’s job to capture them as they unfold, not to reproduce a photo of a time and a place. separated, captured by another person.

Your photographer will be more appreciated if they are allowed to capture the unique moments that happen in front of them, instead of checking your list of Pinterest images to produce moments and tick off all the items you asked them to. To get the best result, tell them about your desired vision and then give them the freedom to be creative to achieve it.

5.incorporate a first glimpse

When a bride and groom meet before the ceremony and spend a few moments alone, it’s called the first look. Usually the groom settles at a particular site and the bride comes to his house. She says his name or slaps him on the shoulder to make him turn around. This “first look” becomes the most unforgettable moment of the wedding day for the couple.

The couples exchange words of adoration and say their vows while wiping away tears, making the timing right for some of the most heartfelt pictures. The first look allows the couple to connect before the ceremony, calms the nerves and sets the tone for the rest of the day. It’s understandable if you want to follow the custom of waiting for the bride to come down the aisle; However, if you want to incorporate a first look before the ceremony, discuss it with your photographer beforehand.

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6. Choose a clean and quiet space for preparation.

Preparation time can be stressful if you’re surrounded by too many people. Choose a quiet space so you can relax while your photographer and makeup artist do their work. Also, don’t forget to clean the room of any non-wedding clutter. In the rush of the wedding day, chaos can quickly take over and distractions can appear in your wedding photos.

Choose a large room for your preparation. The larger the prep space the better, as it allows the photographer to click through images from multiple angles and use long lenses that have a flattering effect. Keep all of your wedding details (jewelry, bouquet, wedding card, dress, shoes, etc.) ready before the photographer arrives to ensure all details are photographed.

7.Add articles to launch

Thrown items can add that extra touch to your photos, radiate excitement, and lead to real laughs and smiles from you and your guests. For an eco-friendly wedding, use flower petals, fresh leaves, pretty dried flowers, sparklers, bubbles, or dried lavender.

These items can make your wedding outing more memorable. However, some wedding venues do not allow a great outing. If that’s your case, you can always create that moment in your first dance, couple session, or group photos.

8. Keep your bridal party small

Do not invite guests to your couple’s shoot unless you are having a wedding party (bridesmaids and groomsmen). It delays the session and cuts your shots, limiting creative photos for lack of time. This is the only time to focus solely on the two of you in your formal wear, so you want to make the most of this time. You can find your friends after the shoot. In fact, most of Sydney’s nicer parks or places no longer allow large groups.

If there is a wedding party, it is best to take your photos with them first and then allow them to leave for some fun away from your couple’s photoshoot. It’s hard to be romantic when your friends are around making humorous comments.

9.Package an emergency kit

Make sure your wedding planner or a bridesmaid has an emergency kit in case anything is needed. Some good things to include in the kit are bobby pins, safety pins, tampons, stain removers, makeup remover, deodorant, hairspray, mini sewing kit, small scissors, bandages, cottons -stems, gum, energy bars, etc. It is also recommended to have this kit handy during the couple’s photoshoot.

10.Use the best lighting

Light can break or render your wedding photos. You have to click on your photos in the best lighting conditions in Sydney. The end of the day is the best time for wedding photographs, especially the time before sunset. If you booked your room because of the cellar’s gorgeous vines or the spectacular ocean view, schedule your couple’s session 1 to 2 hours before sunset to capture the romantic hues.

Try not to take your photos in the middle of the day or early afternoon. The strong sunlight casts harsh shadows on the face that are almost impossible to correct for any photographer. Covered lighting is best for photography.

11.Limit iPhoneography

Ask your wedding guests to be considerate and not to jump in front of photographers, especially during group / formal photos of the ceremony. Also let your guests know that they shouldn’t ask your photographer to click photos of them using their cell phones or personal cameras. Such hijackings are a misuse of the time you have allocated to your Sydney wedding photography service.

It would be a great idea to have an “unplugged wedding” where the guests are fully present for the bride and groom. The photography team will upload your wedding photos to an online gallery. You can share this gallery with your guests, and they can upload their photos for free from there, so they can have fun experiencing your wedding rather than trying to photograph it.

12.Personalize your wedding

Some traditions are meaningful, while others are a bit outdated and irrelevant these days. We recommend that you don’t incorporate a custom into your big day that doesn’t make sense to you. Instead, you can extend your couple’s session or other shots and get some great shots because there will be more time for creative shots.

Remember, marriage is all about you and your partner at the end of the day. You only have one chance to marry the love of your life, so do it right. It’s easy to let the judgment of others influence your decisions. Resist this and stay true to the meaning of your celebration and your original vision, which is to honor each other in an experience that is like you. Don’t incorporate details or customs just because others are. Make your wedding special by staying true to who you are as a couple.

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