Making Money On The Internet Is Still A Taboo For The Indonesian Community

This time I want to share my experiences and complaints about the livelihood that I now do. Now, since I decided to quit my job as an accounting staff, I rely on the internet to make money. The money I earn is enough to live, but the problem is not there actually.

Currently, I run two online businesses, the first is a blogger who is affiliated with Google Adsense, meaning I rely on ads on blogs to earn money. The second is to do business online by selling HP clothing and cases on Instagram. Selling online may be easy to understand, but what about becoming a blogger?

And you know, the real problem is explaining my profession to the people around me. As you know, by using the internet, I don’t need to leave home, so it raises questions in the surrounding community. How can I buy this even though I don’t leave home, it doesn’t work like most people.

Making Money on the Internet Is Fraud

Making Money on the Internet Is Fraud

What is truly surprising in Indonesian society, especially the people in my area, it turns out there are still people who think that making money on the Internet is something that involves fraud. It used to be very synonymous with fraud, but come on, times have changed, humans can develop, and fraud can be minimized.

Even though there is still fraud now, but not all of them. Outside there are many honest online stores, and what’s wrong with showing Google Adsense ads that are clearly not related to ads that violate the law. I do not blame those who still think like this, maybe just ignorance. I also realized this, and as much as I could to try to explain it to them, I hope they didn’t think I was bragging.

Low understanding of technology

Low understanding of technology

This point is very closely related to the previous point, I believe that maintaining the notion that making money on the internet is fraud is because of their low understanding of online business and also the development of technology. Let alone those who live in villages far from cities, those who live in cities that in fact often use the internet do not necessarily understand.

I still remember when I was still in college, someone asked the lecturer “Sir, where did Google get the benefits, why would it be difficult to provide a search engine for everyone?” To be honest, I was surprised, not pretentious or whatever, just shocked and just realized that even educated campus children didn’t know it. Companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are currently the biggest beneficiaries on the Internet.

When I think of this, I am reminded of a news on one of the online news media, I forget the name and place of the incident, but the content of the news is basically an online businessman who is considered to keep tuyul or something because he rarely goes out but has a lot of money. Damn, until that time I was really hard to stop laughing, maybe tomorrow I would also be accused like that. Hahaha, you can enter this news.

Unpleasant Face

This may be a point that really annoys me when I chat and answer the question “What do you work for?”. Maybe this is just my feeling, but for me this is enough to upset me. How not, it has been explained as well as possible, but instead put on a look of disbelief, a look on my face that thinks I’m lying. And what is even more annoying is that they actually add to their arguments, which in my opinion are inappropriate and inappropriate.

I still remember, someone who hacked me by “cooking that way instead of having to pay yes” and he thought that the blogger was paid by the accessor. So their thinking is like this: Consumers buy data packages + access the internet through operators + operators pay to bloggers. Oh, at that time I was more shocked by their argument, where did they get such information, I am sure only his thoughts without enough information he got.

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