That’s why it’s worthwhile to deposit our money

The central bank base rate, which is currently 0.9%, has been steadily declining in recent years. Correspondingly, the interest rates on loans and deposits decreased. Bank borrowers have been favorably

Competitive mortgages again?

The Good Finance Mortgage to Euribor + 1.95% , up to 30 years. To be clear that to achieve this differential, very bad in normal times, you must hire a

Making Money On The Internet Is Still A Taboo For The Indonesian Community

This time I want to share my experiences and complaints about the livelihood that I now do. Now, since I decided to quit my job as an accounting staff, I

How to teach children how to manage money? | Kinds of Loans

Saying what John does not find out, John will not be able to, furthermore applies to personal finances. If we like children to be able to manage their own finances

Swedes do not like micro loans – Micro loans | Payday Loans / SMS loans

An interesting survey that Länsförsäkringar is behind shows that as many as 84% ​​of Swedes think that SMS loans should disappear from the loan market. See for further editorial

Do you know how vehicle insurance works in case of natural disasters?

There is always talk about the protection that vehicle insurance provides in case of theft of your car, a crash or some other type of vehicle accident, but what happens