Month: September 2019

How to reduce your home loan installment?

Lower loan installment is every borrower’s dream. Its amount is determined by the amount of debt, interest rate or repayment period. We do not have any influence on most of

That’s why it’s worthwhile to deposit our money

The central bank base rate, which is currently 0.9%, has been steadily declining in recent years. Correspondingly, the interest rates on loans and deposits decreased. Bank borrowers have been favorably

More expensive loans without own contribution

At the end of your career, loans for 100% of the property value are rising. Currently, it has 10 banks on offer, and 4 of them increased margins for loans

Competitive mortgages again?

The Good Finance Mortgage to Euribor + 1.95% , up to 30 years. To be clear that to achieve this differential, very bad in normal times, you must hire a